Dare County Tourism Board Announces New Event Grant

The Outer Banks Visitors Bureau is pleased to announce the Event Grant program. This new grant was established by the Dare County Tourism Board at their December 2013 meeting and replaces the Special Project and Tourism Assistance Grant programs.

To ensure the program’s long-term viability and to allow for better comparisons, symptoms Event Grant applications will be accepted twice annually. Normally, these two windows will occur February 1 to 15 and October 1 to 15, but to ease the transition to the new program the application windows for 2014 will be February 1 to 28 and October 1-31.

Event Grant Guidelines

Event Grant Application


For more information, please contact Diane Bognich, Grant Administrator at bognich@outerbanks.org or 252-473-2138.

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2 Responses to Dare County Tourism Board Announces New Event Grant

  1. Belinda Willis says:

    Is it possible for you to email the event grant evaluation and TAG grant evaluation forms so that I can complete the necessary paperwork for the Hatteras Village Civic Association reimbursement.

    Thank you!
    Belinda Willis

  2. Saltwater Connections says:

    Saltwater Connections doesn’t have these Dare County Tourism Board forms available. Sorry!

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