Are leather sandals good for your feet?

Sandals, the quintessential summer footwear, have been a popular choice for generations. But are they genuinely good for your feet? 


It’s worth remembering that not all sandals are created equal but Salt-Water Sandals, made with our trademark waterproof leather, offer natural wicking properties and ventilation, which is crucial, especially during hot and humid weather – their breathable nature will keep your feet cool and dry. Furthermore opt for our extra comfy soft and spongy Urethane soles and it will feel as though you are not only looking after your feet but for those that suffer, your knees and back too! Known for providing exceptional comfort this special bouncy sole features on many of our children’s sandals as well as our Swimmer and Boardwalk adult sandals. 



Who says you have to sacrifice style for comfort?

Discover our timeless designs that won't compromise on the well-being of your feet. No breaking in required – Salt-Water Sandals offer comfort straight out of the box – no rubbing, or chaffing – just immediate comfort. 
And it bears repeating – opt for a style with our Urethane soles to put an extra bounce in your step.


Toddler Sandals - Good for Growing Feet

Foot health is essential for everyone, not least our little ones. Ensure developing feet are comfortable and protected during their early years of walking and, let’s face it, running, jumping and dancing too.

Comfort is everything for those first steps. Salt-Waters collection of First Walker sandals combines comfort with durability, and style. All of our first walker sandals are made from 100% waterproof leather uppers on a soft sole base. Perfect for teeny tiny feet!

Sizing is Important
Choosing the right size can make a significant difference. Head over to our size guide to make sure you know which will fit you best

Movement - Fit For Purpose

Allowing your feet to move naturally is essential for foot health. Our Original leather sandals promote natural movement for better muscle engagement, and a balanced distribution of weight, ensuring a more comfortable and healthier walking experience.




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