So far, the first offshore wind farm in the United States located off Cape Cod in Massachusetts remains in the planning stage. However, view many communities are home to onshore wind farms. This list highlights both established onshore wind farms and proposed offshore wind farms:

Project Name: Horse Hollow Wind Energy Center
Amount of Energy Generated: 735.5 Megawatts
Description: The Horse Hollow Wind Energy Center consists of 421 wind turbines spread over nearly 47,000 acres of land in Taylor and Nolan Counties. The Wind Energy Center was subject to one of the nation’s first nuisance lawsuits against a wind farm but the jury found that the wind farm did not create a “private nuisance” under Texas law.
Location: Texas
Owned By: NextEra Energy Resources


Project Name: Bluewater Wind
Amount of Energy Generated: 450 Megawatts
Description: The proposed wind park would be located over 13 miles from shore, a distance which would cause the turbines to appear as faint lines on the horizon, less than half as tall as a thumb nail. When completed, the wind farm would provide enough energy to power 100,000 homes in Delaware.
Location: Delaware
Owned By: NRG Energy


Project Name: Altamont Pass Wind Farm
Amount of Energy Generated: 576 Megawatts
Description: Located in the Altamont Pass of the Diablo Range in Central California, this wind farm is one of the earliest wind farms in the United States. Because of the small size of turbines used when it was built, the wind farm was blamed for killing many birds. However, the turbines are now being replaced with larger, modern turbines that may decrease bird strikes. The original turbines of this farm were installed after the 1970s energy crisis in response to favorable tax policies for investors.
Location: California
Owned By: EnXCo


Project Name: Judith Gap Wind Farm
Amount of Energy Generated: 135 Megawatts
Description: Thirteen of Judith Gap’s 90, 1.5 megawatt towers are located on state land inside of Wheatland County. The project provides about 7 percent of the electricity needed to serve 300,000 customers in Montana.
Location: Montana
Owned By: InvEnergy


Project Name: Cape Wind Project
Amount of Energy Generated: 420 Megawatts
Description: Five miles from the nearest shore, Cape Wind will consist of 130 wind turbines and provide three quarters of the Cape and Islands electricity needs. The federal government leased the land for construction of Cape Wind just this past October.
Location: Massachusetts
Owned By: Cape Wind

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