NC Catch

NC Catch wants seafood from our coast to be a priority on your table. By promoting the rich culture, case
variety of resources, incredible tastes and health benefits from our shores, we work to strengthen appreciation of North Carolina’s fresh, healthy, delicious local seafood and help coastal fishing communities thrive.

We coordinate with four local seafood initiatives—Carteret Catch, Ocracoke Fresh, Brunswick Catch, and Outer Banks Catch—to promote a statewide and national brand identity for NC seafood. Together, we help consumers learn how to:
1. identify, buy, prepare and store a variety of seafood, including many appetizing but under-used species from the more than 50 varieties landed by NC fishermen
2. advocate for a robust North Carolina seafood economy and culture
3. understand commercial fishing as a valuable, sustainable profession deeply rooted in North Carolina’s cultural heritage
4. support the modern seafood industry as a steady economic driver for our state

Visit NC Catch: Real Local Seafood ( for more information.

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