130-foot-long electric motor catamaran inspired by nature unveiled in Miami

Miami has always been a yachting hub, as well as a place to see and see with its famous white sand beaches and trendy nightclubs. But with the massive success of Art Bazel and the gravitational pull of the tech world moving to Miami from the bay area, I think Miami was also the perfect place to unveil this new 130ft catamaran concept. long that combines art, technology and living big on the ocean in a pretty compelling way.

It is designed by the famous Italian superyacht shipyard Rossinavi and is simply called the Sea Cat 40. Italian naval architect Fulvio De Simoni developed the exterior and interior architecture. This is Rossinavi’s first electric catamaran concept. What if they can actually turn this sexy and futuristic concept into reality, a whole new style of more eco-friendly? supercats could be born.

And I love that this catamaran concept is inspired by phytoplankton, the seaweed that converts sunlight into energy and plays a fundamental role in the life of the world’s oceans.

According to advanced reports, the Sea Cat 40’s advanced solar panels also turn sunlight into energy, a lot of energy. The panels can produce up to 250 kWh, which is enough to supply the power consumption of 5 to 6 average American homes. And the energy produced is clean and silent.

In the case of transatlantic crossings, Sea Cat’s sophisticated control system allows it to maintain sufficient power to be able to travel for 20 days, covering a distance of 3,850 nm at a speed of 8 knots.

“The idea is to create a link between nature, electricity and futurism,” explains Federico Rossi, CEO of Rossinavi. “Sea Cat 40 is able to offer excellent performance while prioritizing the environment, a real challenge for the future of boating and an important step for the shipyard”

The Italian naval architect Fulvio De Simoni was invited by Rossinavi to develop the exterior and interior architecture of the Sea Cat 40 which presents a modern and elegant design characterized by open spaces, 5 guest rooms, one of which is that owner, and 4 crew cabins for a total of 7 staff.

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