81m Catamaran Project M by Nick Stark is like a wellness retreat on the move

Catamaran Boats are the SUVs of the yachting world and are valued for their versatility while being more spacious. A catamaran means that it is a multi-hulled yacht and has more interior space than monohulls. Therefore, it offers flexible packaging and more space in a smaller footprint. New 81m Catamaran Project M by Nick Stark shows its functionality with an elegant design. Nick Stark has been a senior naval architect for 20 years and the Australian has a bespoke design studio that has been designing such yachts for a few years and also bringing these designs to life.

The design exudes a sporty look while maintaining a huge amount of space inside. You get large open spaces with a vast interior and high ceilings surrounded by glass to be in harmony with the surrounding environment and the seas. It is 81m long with a width of 22m and a large foredeck which also houses not one but two helipads.

There are large windows that give off a feeling of space and glass panels that intricately wrap around the structure. The living room offers generous space for a theater and even a grand piano! The owner’s terrace also has an integrated DJ system and a swimming pool. There are several lounges scattered all over the upper deck as well as private dining rooms, bathrooms and more. The upper deck has the captain’s bedroom while the aft doors connect them. The hulls also serve as a beach club. That’s not all because Project M has an integrated wellness area which is also reminiscent of a private island space within this catamaran.

“The extensive glazing makes it a yacht of light,” Stark explained. “The key to this design was to bring the outdoors in, to respect and admire the beauty of the world while simultaneously providing refuge from the elements and also symbolically from the endless complications of life. ”

The catamaran’s hull configuration along with maximizing space also increases efficiency during high-speed cruising. On-board systems are effective in reducing operating costs as well as environmental effects. The M Project catamaran comes after the 64M yacht called Project Grace which was presented in August 2021.

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