‘Abbott’ vs. Charter Schools, ‘Race’ Travels an Hour Earlier (Sayonara, ‘Love Boat’), ‘Killer Sally’ and ‘Independent’ Streaming

The Abbott Elementary School staff object when a charter school advertisement attacks their school. With The True Love Boat to streaming, The Incredible race moves an hour earlier SCS. Streaming highlights include a netflix true-crime docu-series about a bodybuilder accused of murdering her husband on Valentine’s Day and a political thriller Peacock.

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Abbott Elementary School

The last thing the underfunded and overworked teachers at this Philly elementary school need is an attack from the outside. They are understandably miffed when they see a TV commercial touting charter schools that includes criticism of their beleaguered institution, with added cause for concern when students begin to transfer. Ava (Janelle James) joins Jacob (Chris Perfetti) and the combative Melissa (Lisa Ann Walter) in demanding a meeting with the leader of the charter school organization (from Hamilton Leslie Odom Jr). And where is Janine (Quinta Brunson)? Discussing his personal life, as it is, with Gregory (Tyler James Williams).

The Amazing Race Season 34 Phil Keoghan

Sonja Flemming/CBS

Fantastic race

With The True Love Boat Now streaming exclusively on Paramount+, the Emmy-winning travel contest takes its most rightful place directly behind Survivor. This episode sends the remaining teams to Dordogne, France, a region of 1,001 castles where medieval games are played and memories tested as they rappel down the side of a castle. On Survivor (8/7c), one castaway falls on one blind side while another risks his status in the pecking order by sharing his “knowledge” with too many people.

Killer Sally


Killer Sally

A three-part docuseries from the director Nanette Burstein (Hillary) dives into the case study of Sally McNeila professional bodybuilder who, on Valentine’s Day 1995, shot and killed her abusive husband Ray, also a champion bodybuilder, as he choked her. Accused and convicted of murder despite her plea of ​​self-defense, the story of ‘Killer Sally’ tackles issues of domestic violence and gender norms in sport that have led to a cartoonish media portrayal of this victim of justice uneven.

The Independent

The Independent

Jodie Turner Smith (Queen and Slim) and Succession‘s Brian Cox stars in a political thriller as journalists uncover a plot that could impact a high-stakes presidential election. Candidates include the first potential female president (The Handmaid’s Tale‘s Ann Dowd) and the nation’s first viable independent candidate (John Cena).

Handmaid's Tale - Homeland - Elizabeth Moss

Sophie Giraud/Hulu

The Handmaid’s Tale

In the penultimate chapter of the fifth season, directed by series star Bradley Whitford, June (Elisabeth Moss) demands a front row seat in the war room as the exiled U.S. military plots a raid on Gilead who could free his daughter from a women’s indoctrination school. . Speaking of wives and mothers, Serena (Yvonne Strahovski) continues to chafe under the oppressive and watchful eyes of the Wheelers, who tend to her beloved baby Noah. (Now she knows how June feels.)

Inside Wednesday TV:

  • The Conners (8/7c, ABC): There’s turmoil on the labor front, as Darlene (Sara Gilbert) learns her promotion isn’t something to celebrate, and after Louise (Katey Sagal) has lost her job, she plans to work alongside Jackie (Laurie Metcalf) at the Lunch Box.
  • Peaks: the story of the hole (8/7c, PBS): billion’ Paul Giamatti says Natureis a celebration of varied bird species, with some 239 varieties, each affecting their ecosystems in powerful (and sometimes loud) ways.
  • Domestical economy (9:30/8:30 a.m., ABC): Tom (Topher Grace) and his siblings have amazing news for their parents: they’ve found a half-sister they’ve never heard of.
  • Upcycle Nation (10/9c, Fuse): Claws Star Karrueche Tran is hosting a series of contests in which designers take items out of the trash and turn them into fashion-forward must-haves.
  • Documentary now! (10/9c, IFC): In a tribute to Oscar-winning boxing epic Ali – Foreman When we were kingsthe mockumentary anthology features “How They Threw Rocks,” a parody involving Craig Maes’ bizarre Welsh sport (“Field Rock”) and a legendary fight in 1974.
  • Big Sky: Deadly Trails (10/9c, ABC): Cracks are forming in the increasingly troubled relationship between outfitter Sunny (Reba McEntire) and husband Buck (Rex Linn), who struggles with the Barnes’ many secrets.

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