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It was a busy 4th of July celebration in the fishing world.

Many anglers took advantage of the good weather and very good fishing.

Ray Scott Bonarknown as Scott from Ray Scott’s Dock in Margate, had a great report of the Outer Bay Summer Plaice over the weekend.

He said Monday morning that fishermen in the back bay on rental skiffs and pontoon boats, and private boats that dock there, counted 45 summer plaice. He said the pattern is good for fishing on a rising tide and the flounder want minnows.

Christmas Feliciano was extremely busy on a Monday morning when the local scribe called but wrote a good report while attending to customers.

He emphasized triggerfish in combination with summer flounder, striped bass, bluefish, trevally and blotch.

The report from Moran’s Dockside to Avalon was that they had just had a busy and crazy weekend.

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Many fishermen caught tautog and triggerfish in addition to summer plaice. The report also barely put a weak guardian fish at Townsend Inlet Reef.

We are entitled to an acoupa at a minimum of 13 inches.

Gary Dugan is the captain of the charterboat Irish Jig and the new owner of Cape Horn Marina in Tuckerton. He also has a tiki boat for sightseeing and partying and had just returned from an early morning visit when contacted.

Gary said his charter customers catch four to six summer flounder per trip.

He said they had a drastic drop in water temperature, but it should start to come back up.

He also said he had a recent ocean charter that resulted in a 6-7ft blacktip shark, dusky shark and brown shark.

Anglers based at Cape Horn had a decent catch of summer plaice mixed with acoupas and bluefish as well as cownose rays.

Bob Cope is the captain of the charterboat Cape May Full Ahead. He said on Monday he was at Old Grounds off Delaware Bay and they were ‘picking up’ summer flounder

Dave Showell at the Absecon Bay Sportsman Center in Absecon said he was so busy he couldn’t go out on his Fishing Safaris guided tours. He said striped bass was decent and sheep bit sand fleas.

He also said “a number” of acoupa have been reported.

Dave said a number of people go crabbing.

Irv Hurd on the Miss Avalon party boat, customers caught six during a recent descent into coastal waters. Irv said they were catching summer flounder, black bass and triggerfish.

His back bay pontoon boat Avalon Lady catches summer flounder and now Tuesday and Thursday afternoon trips will be for blue claw crabs.

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