Be a member of this luxury eco-island for $725,000

Picture the scene: an exclusive, members-only luxury resort nestled in the Bahamas, surrounded by solar-powered catamarans.

The island and surrounding waters are just as pristine as when construction began. This is your luxury Caribbean vacation home, but with a conscience.

At least that’s the promise of Club Ki’ama Bahamas by Silent Resorts. Located in the new Ki’ama Bahamas enclave on Elizabeth Island, just minutes from Great Exuma, it offers a unique proposition: to become the world’s first equity club that maintains all the niceties – private, secure and sophisticated – without environmental overhead.

Image: Club Ki’ama Bahamas/Silent Resorts

The problem? This is an equity club (a concept similar to a golf club, where lifetime membership can be sold or gifted), meaning you share the island and its amenities with others members.

Members are granted a minimum of five weeks and 10 yacht days per year, for an introductory price of US$525,000 (S$725,000).

The island will have 16 ultra-sustainable four-bedroom residences, an oceanfront beach club, spa and restaurant, all erected in strict accordance with designs that “complement the natural topography of the island” to minimize “disturbances to the natural landscape”.

In fact, less than a fifth of the island will be developed, leaving most of it in pristine condition.

Image: Club Ki’ama Bahamas/Silent Resorts

According to Silent Resorts, construction – once it begins next month – will be “the lowest environmental impact of any development in the Caribbean”. They achieved this by pre-fabricating most of the buildings before they reached the island, reducing the impact on local flora and fauna.

The residences, featuring high ceilings and a “living roof” lined with plants, will be powered solely by solar energy and equipped with advanced water purification and wastewater treatment systems.

Members will be able to cruise on an octet of luxury, fully crewed, solar-powered catamarans through a partnership with Silent Yachts, which specializes in ocean-going vessels without gas-guzzling engines. For shorter journeys to nearby cays there are also electric day boats.

Image: Club Ki’ama Bahamas/Silent Resorts

Despite the membership model, there will be strict limits on the number of members – which means more privacy, better-maintained facilities and better access to amenities, including the island’s six private beaches and the two acre protected marina.

Most holidaymakers are unlikely to spend the whole year on the island anyway, says resort development partner Steve Dering.

“We provide abundant use for homeowners while consuming less land with fewer homes…it is our responsibility to protect Elizabeth Island’s environmentally sensitive environment, while creating comfortable spaces to enjoy the best of the Bahamas. “

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