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While July normally offers some of the lowest tides of the year, a shift to southeast winds late last week kept the tides at about normal levels.

It’s good news. The more water there is in our bays, the more land we have to fish.

Guide Glenn Ging caught and released 29 inch trout while drifting in East Matagorda Bay. The passage to the southeast winds lowered the barometer and greened the water and allowed the captains to fish for shellfish in deep water in about five feet of water.

The reefs in the middle of the bay have also been waded. We haven’t seen many calm enough days this summer to wade through Drull’s Lump, Half Moon Reef, Long Reef, and 3 Beacon Reefs, so there are plenty of fish waiting right next to the drop off to hit a Super Spook Jr. , SkitterWalk, Bass Assassin, Down South Lure or MirrOlure Soft Dines.

The seagrass beds of West Matagorda Bay continue to produce good catches of trout. It all depends on the tides and the rising tide was strong in the morning.

MirrOlure Lil ‘Johns and Soft Dines and Slammin’ Chicken Bass Assassins were hit on the outside bars.

In Freeport, trout are best around rocks and channel over live shrimp in line. There were plaice in the same localities as well as mangrove snapper.

In Port O’Connor, places like the Noon Day Bar, The Hump, and the South Pass Area welcome trout on 5-inch Bass Assassins Saltwater Shads in fried chicken and magical grass. The best option for boat fishermen has been shrimp or mullet.

Many captains have said trout fishing has improved, but most remain vigilant by releasing more than they keep.

At Port O’Connor, redfish began to show up in greater numbers in areas of backwaters such as Shoalwater Bay, the lagoon and the rear lake labyrinth of Matagorda Island. The best baits were the small Bass Assassins Sea Shad swim baits.

Around Matagorda, guides Brett Sweeny and Tom Brown had to travel a lot to find a good box of reds. It was the “one here, one there” game; however, since the wind shifted to the southeast, more water has been pumped into the bay, allowing for better fishing off the southern shore points of West Matagorda Bay. Live shrimp and mullet worked better. Waders found scattered redfish later in the morning after fishing for their trout.

Around Freeport, the pier area was the best bet for the Reds. The Carolina rigged mule and pogies worked on the moving tide. Anglers have found redfish in the first gut early in the morning with rising tides peaking just after sunrise.

Guide Mike Segall of Reel Threel Charters said there were lots of bull rockfish right off the beach in 35 feet of water on sardines. Lots of gafftops and sharks with the red ones too.

Outside of Freeport, kingfish and red snapper are good around the sardine platforms about 25 miles away. Most snappers continue to run in the 10 to 18 pound range.

In Matagorda it was calm enough last weekend that many boats from the bay ventured into the gulf and quickly caught the limits of a huge snapper.

Cobias have been found on the weed lines and there are tons of jacks all over the gulf.

Captains have reported that there are a lot of good tears along the faults and peaks that contain a good number of billfish.

Keep practicing sound conservation and please release more than you keep.

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