Captain Glenn Shephard names worst sailing yacht charter guests below deck

Captain Glenn Shephard admitted bias in naming his favorite charter guests this season on Sailboat under the bridge. It was about sharing Canadian nationality, right? But really, the last group of charter guests was a lot of fun, and everyone on board agreed that the atmosphere and tipping was great.

But now that the season is coming to an end, the captain of Parsifal III was asked to reflect on the charter guests who were welcomed in season 3. Specifically, the good, the bad and the worst of the worst. At Captain Glenn’s “least favorite” group, “is pretty obvious”.

Captain Glenn told Bravo The dish of the day that his least favorite band were also the only people who found fault with the chef Marcos Spaziani kitchen. Do you remember the “approximate” food comment? Yes, it’s this trio of husband, wife, and mother that made it to the top of the unpleasant list.

“Erica Rose and her husband, Charlie, and [mother] Cindi – to some degree messing up the couch and trying to pretend it wasn’t her – they were probably the worst,” Captain Glenn said during a red carpet interview with NBC Universal right off the bat. “I don’t really like to talk negatively about people. They didn’t take care of the crew. They kinda screwed up the team, you know, they didn’t leave a normal tip. We don’t tell them how much to tip, but they did tip very well last year. You go to the same restaurant two weeks in a row and you tip really well and then the next week you don’t, it’s like you’re saying something. So I felt like they were saying something negative to us, where we felt like we had done a good job of doing our best to take care of them, to make sure they had good holidays.

Indeed, after incredibly demanding behavior and spray tan stains on the living room couch, Erica’s charter party left a meager tip of $6,500. It worked at $720 per person. Barely worth it. The crew was shocked, but Captain Glenn tried to rationalize what happened. “If anyone has a legitimate complaint, we take it very seriously, but they were just making up stuff, I think, to justify the tip that they had already decided on before they even arrived,” he said. , “I don’t know. Something was going on.”

Always optimistic, Captain Glenn tried to be fair and said, “they weren’t terrible terrible.” The crew had moments of “fun” during the event and that the guests who accompanied them, “were lovely” and “brilliant”.

With this unpleasant memory away, Captain Glenn recalled other memorable guests. They “had great people” on the yacht. A group requested a crew talent show. This primary, Jim, “was really cool, his bunch of people.” Captain Glenn said, “Oh my god, those guys were so much fun.”

Stew Chef daisy kelliher agreed that Jim topped the list of “awesome guests”. She said, “They were super fun and they wanted to be there. You know, you vibrate with this energy. People who want to be there, it makes our job easier.

And while Daisy found Erica’s group difficult, her “biggest challenge” was Dr. Kim Nichols’ girls’ travel charter. “All three of them were lovely, but the other three, they’re not bad people, but it’s those kind of requirements, where even if we had a third stew, you can’t,” Daisy explained. “People who ask too much, we could never satisfy them. So for me, this was probably the hardest charter I’ve ever done in my career.

Of course, these nightmarish charters will be rehashed in the Season 3 reunion, but as to what else will be discussed, Captain Glenn said, he “didn’t know what was going to happen”. Crew drama for sure, including comments from Tom Pearson and Gabriela Barragan why they left the season early.

“We had some problems. We lost a few crew members. We had a type of event that was, you know, not ideal. Captain Glenn explained about the incident when Parisafal III cast anchor. “I’ve been 22 years on superyachts, I’ve never had this particular thing where we’ve had the storm, and the person who’s supposed to watch the anchor watch hasn’t done their job properly, and we ended up stopping in some shallow water, which is very serious, so I don’t know, we’ll probably tackle things like that.

Still, Captain Glenn can’t wait to get his whole team together again. “I think it will just be fun to see everyone together and chatting and reminiscing,” he said, “obviously there will be drama.”

The seasoned Bravo-lebrity knows the drill and the drama expectations that come with reality TV. But Captain Glenn said the fame hadn’t gone to his head and he was still doing his “normal job”, continuing 13 years on Parsifal III.

“So it’s a job I’ve been doing every day, for a long time,” Captain Glenn explained, “And all of a sudden it’s on TV, and some of my friends and buddies from industry and high school, they see me on TV, and it’s pretty interesting. I appreciate. I particularly enjoy sharing the concept of people working on superyachts with a younger audience who may be looking for a career path that’s a little different from a typical, a little more adventurous corporate world. I really like that aspect.

It’s clear Captain Glenn is married to work. “Something really special about working on these boats,” he exclaimed. “It’s hard work, but it’s more of a lifestyle. It’s not just a job. I mean, the boats are beautiful. Obviously we have a lot of nice, interesting people working on the boat, nice guests coming on the boat, interesting people from all walks of life. So, yeah, it’s good fun. And exotic locations don’t hurt, do they? »

And while Captain Glenn always rejected the idea of ​​marriage, he revealed that there was “someone in my life”. He added, “but we don’t really want it to be public, at this stage anyway. Maybe in the future.”

His relationship certainly hasn’t affected his life at sea. So far, Captain Glenn is still at the helm. He said, “I’m happy. I sail around my sailboat in France. I have free time right now. I’m going back to Parsifal in about two or three weeks. So that’s what I do. If I’m not working, if the weather is nice, I’m on my boat.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]

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