Captain Sandy gets a ‘Bad Rap’ and is a ‘Bada** Captain’, says Kate Chastain

Ancient Under the bridge chief stew Kate Chastain tells Captain Sandy Yawn of Under the Mediterranean Bridge is one of the best in the franchise but still has a bad rap with fans.

Chastain has never worked for Yawn, but knows her personally and admires her work ethic, especially her determination to become a superyacht captain in a male-dominated profession. She acknowledged that Under the bridge viewers are giving Yawn a hard time but said Yawn is the real deal and a genuine person.

Captain Sandy is a ‘real captain bada**’, says Kate

Chastain said the Home superyacht is larger than the vessels she worked on alongside Captain Lee Rosbach. “Usually on Under the bridge with Captain Lee, we would use like a 50 yards, 55 yards, which equals 150 feet,” Chastain said of Brandi Glanville. Unfiltered podcast. Chastain estimated Home is probably around 65 yards. “So yes, that extra yardage makes a difference, but it’s a beautiful boat. And Captain Sandy is such a bada** captain in real life.

Kate Chastain, Captain Sandy Yawn | Mike Pont/Getty Images for The Points Guy/Charles Sykes/Bravo via Getty Images

Glanville said she could tell that Yawn is really in command of the ship and highlighted how she also feeds her crew. She observed how the yachting industry, especially in the upper ranks, is dominated by men.

Chastain said allowing the crew to drive the boat is not common. Yawn often allows the crew to remove the boat from the dock. “She had to face difficulties as her career approached,” she said. “So she doesn’t want to put other people through that, which is really good, because some people would be like, ‘Look, I’ve had this struggle. It was hard for me, it must be hard for you.

Captain Sandy Gets ‘Bad Impression’ From ‘Below Deck’ Viewers

Under the bridge viewers criticized Yawn for being a micromanager and hovering, especially in the galley kitchen, on charter. “I feel bad because Captain Sandy is getting a really bad rap from a lot of viewers. She really does and it’s so unfair because she really is one of the best captains in any franchise.

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“I mean, I worked on real yachts for six years,” Chastain added. “She’s really good. She has no ego. As if it wasn’t fake, it’s so genuine. For example, letting people drive the boat. A lot of captains would say, ‘You can’t do that!’ I love Captain Sandy so much.

‘Below Deck Med’ chef Dave also supports Captain Sandy

Yawn hovered in the kitchen only when the chef seemed to struggle in past seasons. Chef Dave White may have had some trouble with chief stew Natasha Webb this season, but he really shined in the kitchen. The only time Yawn was seen in the kitchen was to help run the food or marvel at White’s creations.

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“She was often in the kitchen,” White admitted on Another podcast under the bridge. He also acknowledged that his angry text messages to Webb could have gotten him fired. “Captain Sandy could have gotten me fired, she was very supportive of me.”

“Sandy is a hero. I respect her,” he added. “Sandy, what she’s accomplished, it must have been so hard…honestly, a captain of her status has to deal with these outcasts. All I can tell you right now is that. is that what she did for me was that she gave me a chance.

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