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Santa Barbara now has a new sea portal for adventure, and I couldn’t be happier about it. The right people are behind it all and the future looks bright and bright.

Jaime and her husband, Captain Jason Diamond, took ownership and reinvented Sea Landing and Stardust Sportfishing. The new entity, under their guidance and direction, is called Santa Barbara Landing (SBL for short).

They held a grand opening day at the Docks on Saturday February 5, where they showcased the multitude of options they now have and will soon be adding for venturing the Santa Barbara Channel and the Channel Islands. -Normans.

The Diamonds took possession of it this month and their sleeves are rolled up to offer us all great adventures.

SBL is home to Stardust Sportfishing vessels Stardust and Coral Sea (both are excellent boats with excellent crews in my experience), Channel Islands Expeditions Vision and Truth and Condor Express Whale Watching vessels, Dive Santa Barbara and Santa Barbara jetski rental which includes kayak and SUP rental. Plus, they have a well-stocked bait and tackle store.

Santa Barbara Landing will undergo wonderful renovations over the next two years and our adventure needs will be even better served. Among the plans are more retail space, a cafe and a fishing center to host fishing seminars, scuba diving lessons and more. SBL is on its way to becoming a star business in our beloved port.

Captain Jason Diamond is a qualified and experienced veteran of the sport fishing industry with long term fleet experiences from San Diego, all the way north of here.

I saw him find fish where no one thought there were. And he is an old master at teaching people how to catch fish simply and efficiently. He has trained his crew exceptionally well, and anglers who listen to them and follow their advice almost always catch more fish.

Knowing and admiring them both for many years, I think Jason would introduce his wife Jaime as the brains of the organization. She’s smart and disciplined, friendly and helpful, and she’s the CEO of SBL. She is their rudder in the water and keeps them on track.

They both serve on councils and boards of directors to help our community. They are a couple that the community can support, knowing that they have our backs too.

– Captain David Bacon operates WaveWalker Charters and is President of SOFTIN Inc., a non-profit organization providing boating opportunities to those in need. Visit to learn more about the organization and how you can help. Click here to read previous columns. The opinions expressed are his own.

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