Ceclo Original Hybrid Catamaran Pedal Boat defies lifestyle standards for little money


Yes folks, this time around we’re going to spotlight a hybrid pedal boat that revolves around a catamaran design, you know, like the luxury ships that run along the local coasts. But before we get into what a Ceclo is and what it’s supposed to accomplish, it should be worth knowing a bit more about its creator, Indoor Recreational Electric Vehicles (REVs).

This crew started with an idea in 2008, when Florent Vitiello looked for intimate ways to spend his honeymoon. Faced with the lack of choice, he then created REV in 2014. Since then, the passion of this team has led him to offer countless electric and hybrid ships, all aimed at raising the bar for a healthy, comfortable lifestyle. and luxurious.

The most expensive and worthy of the name is the Ceclo Original Hybrid (OH); it is also the most expensive and the most spacious of the options offered by this crew. Ultimately, it can be used to describe almost any ideals of this business and even used as an example of what to expect from this team.

Now, the whole idea behind Ceclo is to offer its owners a clean, healthy and fun way to explore and live life. Friends, beyond the fact that this boat is a pedal boat, it is above all a boat, and a boat that can live rather nautical experiences.

For example, all the construction is based on the design of the catamaran. This offers a stable ride, but also one that can achieve maximum comfort. Because catamarans use two hulls or floats instead of just one, lateral stability is greatly increased.

However, this is only true for relatively calm waters. If you were to take a catamaran on rough seas, two hulls would prove ineffective in retaining that lateral stability I talked about earlier as there are two contact points on which waves of different intensities would tip the boat over. But, for the frame for which it is made, it is more than lovely.

All in all, you’re looking at a vehicle that weighs only 224 kg (494 lbs), so pulling it towards the dock on some sort of platform shouldn’t be too difficult. But the real purpose of this machine is its propulsion system. The beauty behind OH is that it is equipped with a hybrid drive, which means that it also uses an electric motor very similar to the one used on e-bikes.

You will find a motor with a maximum output of 500 watts with a torque of 50 Nm (36.8 lb-ft) and a belt drive. That, coupled with how much your little legs will grow too, the OH is capable of reaching a top speed of 7.5 knots (8.6 mph) and can run for up to 9 hours with the included high-density lithium-ion battery. by Panasonic. Everything then turns a three-bladed propeller with an automatic lifting system that avoids obstacles in shallow water.

Above the floats, a platform that offers some leeway and seating for two passengers and can even be fitted with options like a canopy for shade, turning the OH into a machine meant to offer a very relaxing day trip.

Now how much is all this going to cost you? Well, going through the only authorized dealer for Ceclo products, E-Catamaran, you are only looking at a price of $ 16,050 (€ 13,704 at current exchange rates). Not bad at all. Heck, you could easily open up a luxury yachting service with something like that.

I understand that it might be a little late to show you vehicles and boats intended for summer fun, but there is no better time to consider next year’s possibilities than during the colder months.

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