City continues discussions on food trucks | News

The city of Hermann remains on the verge of developing a code that would concern the operation of food trucks.

On Monday evening, the Hermann College of Aldermen met in ordinary session to discuss a proposed food truck ordinance. No action has been taken by the Board of Directors, which intends to continue the search for specific language governing operations.

Alderman David Faerber said he would be “100%” opposed to food truck alcohol sales in Hermann.

City Attorney David Politte said the proposal was a concoction that resembled a “Frankenstein monster” in its current shapeshifting form.

“Of course mark it,” Politte told the board.

City administrator Tricia Heaney mentioned that different situations could affect where a food truck can set up shop in town.

“There could be so many variables,” she said.

Jamie Walker of Stomp’n Grounds was among interested residents and business owners who attended the meeting.

“Really, it’s an appearance issue for me,” he told the BOA, adding that brick-and-mortar establishments are spending money on upgrades in the historic district that includes First Street. . Locating food trucks across from established businesses is also a problem, he added.

Faerber reminded businesses that it will still take time to review the potential wording of a food truck ordinance.

“It’s a hodgepodge we need to discuss,” he said.

Board chair Susan Lenger, who chaired in the absence of Mayor Bruce Cox, wondered how space needs would figure into the talks.

No new date was mentioned for a review of the food truck ordinance as the council moved on to other business in the evening.

Among other news from the board of directors on Monday evening:

* Lenger said Cox, who suffered from an illness and was therefore absent from a second consecutive BOA meeting, “is healing and getting stronger every day”.

*Council approved a planning and zoning recommendation for a new flat for the north side of the 100 block of West 14th Street from Market Street to Highway 19, involving zoning changes that relate to commercial classifications and residential.

* Members heard an update on activities and developments involving the Muskrat keelboat, from Muskrat Society President Bob Koerber. No action has been taken.

* The BOA has approved an order to approve a joint cooperative agreement by and between the City of Hermann and the City of Middletown for the operation and maintenance of a natural gas distribution system.

* Council read an ordinance that the city will participate in the 2022 Show Me Green sales tax exemption.

* The BOA approved an order between the city and Four G Construction, doing business as Geeding Construction Inc., for the Frene Creek Gas Main Bank Stabilization Project.

* Members entered into a municipal services and materials contract involving the city and Madden Media for social media marketing.

* Council approved an outdoor billboard sales agreement with Porlier Outdoor Advertising Company for a billboard.

* Members approved an ordinance for bin shredding services with Tree Service and Hansen Environmental Resources at the city compost site.

* Council approved a bid of $123,888 from SAK Construction for an on-site hardened wastewater project.

* A special event request for the February 10 Red Heart March has been approved.

* Council approved a $15,130 bid from Fry and Associates to purchase playground equipment for the Dino-Park.

* A Transit License and Rental Vehicle License have been approved for Arod’s Transportation, doing business as Hermann Trolley. The rental vehicle license covers the use of the shuttles by the service.

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