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Hermann’s board of directors has chosen to defer any further action on the merits of transferring ownership of the Muskrat keelboat to the Muskrat Society.

The move follows a presentation Monday evening by Dr Bob Koerber, representing the company as chairman, to the Hermann board of aldermen. Koerber’s recitation of a letter he prepared and delivered on this matter, given during public comment, sparked discussion within the board and ultimately led to the transfer of ownership being postponed.

Koerber provided a copy of the letter to the advertiser-mail. He said he was surprised that the FOB discussed donating the Muskrat to the Society without first notifying the organization.

“I’m surprised to hear this because of the great opportunity the town of Hermann has to build a nationally renowned museum and boathouse around this keelboat,” Koerber wrote. “There is no uncovered liability regarding the ownership of the City of the Keelboat Muskrat. We do not expect the City of Hermann to pay for insurance coverage on the Keelboat when it is in the water. outside of town, the company pays for it ourselves. “

The former mayor pleaded for the city to retain ownership of the keelboat, one of the reasons being that the boat is covered by MIRMA insurance when it is within city limits.

“Another is the attention and publicity the boat elicits for the town of Hermann whenever it is displayed in these high-visibility, high-traffic locations,” Koerber said. “In addition, some of the grants that we intend to apply for are easier to obtain if we are associated with a city or other government authority.”

A boathouse and museum, he argued, will be another big attraction for the city’s tourism program.

“Why the urgency of making this decision and why was the Muskrat Society not informed? Koerber asked. “I can’t answer it,” he said, stepping aside briefly from the text of his letter.

He asked the FOB to review his points, noting that the Muskrat was not expected to travel until April.

“I suggest that you postpone any decision on this matter until we have had time to discuss our plans and enter into appropriate alternative agreements, if necessary,” Koerber said, adding that the Company was not ready to make deals for now.

Alderman David Faerber said the muskrat “continues to expand” and is unsure of the city’s responsibility. Mayor Bruce Cox said once the city is involved in a grant process then it would be difficult to sever ties with the muskrat.

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“It might not be that easy to give up our involvement,” Cox said, also noting that he was concerned about the insurance coverage. City administrator Tricia Heaney said she was concerned about potentially higher insurance costs for the city.

“I don’t want you to foot the bill for anything,” Koerber replied.

The matter is expected to be considered by the BOA at its regular meeting on Monday, January 24.

* Council approved an ordinance reclassifying lots owned by VFW Post 4182 at 108 State Highway 100 West from single-family residential to agricultural and general commercial.

* Members approved an ordinance to approve an agreement between the city and Simpleview to provide hosting benchmark technology for the City of Hermann website.

* The Board of Directors listened to Cox and the other members express their thoughts on what should be included in a proposal to enact a Food Truck Ordinance for Hermann. City attorney David Politte will work on developing a draft ordinance for council consideration once the new year begins.

* Public Works Manager Jesse Geltz has received approval for expenses related to the repair of a piece of heavy equipment known as a track. Geltz said the unit is used in road projects and for tasks such as pushing sand along the riverside. Cost estimates for repairs are less than $ 10,000.

* An ordinance was approved which secured a contract between the city and Lamar Companies for an outdoor billboard along Interstate 70, a tenth of a mile east of Missouri Highway 19 in New Florence, to promote tourism.

* A large number of alcohol license renewals on January 1, 2022, for businesses scattered across Hermann, have been approved.

* A full liquor license with Sunday sales for Founders District Company, doing business as Alpenhorn Kitchen and Bier Garten, has been approved effective January 1.

* An outdoor seating license renewal for Doxie Slush has been approved.

* A special event request has been approved for a Santa Rides the Rails event, scheduled for Wednesday, December 22, at the Amtrak station.

* A special event request has also been approved for Go! St. Louis, a race that will feature finish line activities at the amphitheater on June 11, 2022.

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