Clay Township looks forward to its bicentennial in 2022 – The Voice

Clay Township Supervisor Artie Bryson has called 2021 a “big year” for the Township and looks forward to celebrating the Township’s bicentennial in 2022.

“We had a lot of projects that we were able to start and / or complete given the challenges of 2021,” said Bryson. “It was a great relief for our shores at the water’s edge after the water fell. Despite COVID, our parks and recreation programs are back stronger than ever, with record attendance at Music in the Park. Clay’s finances remain strong going forward to meet the needs of our citizens. Our community has shown time and time again how charitable we are by helping those in need. “

Bryson reviewed some of the highlights the township saw in 2021.

“The county closed the property to build a Beach Park,” he said. “We are working on the development of Harsens Island / Kayak Launch Natural Park. We replaced the Flamingo Bridge at a cost of $ 1,560,000, but after grants that cost the township only $ 32,900. Rebuilt the bike path with a 50/50 grant, replaced an 85 year old water pipe on Colony Drive.

He also noted that the township was working on finishing the Pearl Beach fishing pier and mooring No Limits Fishing Adventures Inc.’s boat, The Barrier Breaker, which will provide free fishing charters for people with disabilities.

The township also purchased two “state of the art” fire trucks and an airboat to continue to keep residents and first responders safe, Bryson said.

Some of Bryson’s goals and plans in 2022 include finalizing projects from 2021, improving infrastructure, extending broadband to areas of the township that do not have it, engineering on a pipeline project. water along the M-29 with another feed to Harsens Island, complete the township sewer assessment grant and plan repairs, continue development of two new parks in Clay County Beach Park and the Harsens Island Nature Park and expand the emergency siren system to cover most of the township. Several roads are expected to be repaved and the major culverts on Riverside Drive and Bayview Shores Road will be replaced.

In 2022, the Township of Clay will be 200 years old and the Township is planning a celebration, “Clay Days”, to remember, honor and celebrate its rich history.

“I can’t wait to celebrate Clay Township’s birthday,” said Bryson. “A lot of people have no idea of ​​our rich history like our motorboats and boat races, our old hotels and steamboats coming from Detroit, smuggling, how we played a big part in WWII. world, the first trade with the Amerindians, navigation and all the local shipwrecks. Above all, remember all the daring people who shaped us and our community. Hoping that the “Clay Days” become an annual celebration. “

He said some long-term goals for the township are to develop parks that people can enjoy over the next 200 years and to strengthen weak links in the township’s infrastructure. In addition, the township will seek funding sources to replace the old water main along the M-29 and repair the township main sewer interceptor.

“If both are not monitored it could cost the township a lot more in the long run,” Bryson said.
“We plan to restructure the township’s liabilities to ease the burden on Clay taxpayers in the future.”

He said he is proud to live in Clay Township.

“It’s just amazing how resilient our community is after going through flooding and COVID,” he said. “Our community action plan was designed to meet the needs of many people. Proud of our first responders and the support our residents give them. I look forward to working with the schools of Algonac, the City of Algonac and the Township of Ira, where we can partner to provide services and save taxes.

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