Collapsed Cowes Seawall footbridge reopens after short-term repair

A short-term fix has seen the footbridge reopen over a seawall in Cowes, damaged by Storm Eunice.

This means that restrictions on parking spaces, put in place for repairs, have also been lifted.

Attention now turns to a medium to long term plan to assess and improve the condition of the wall at Queens Road.

“Extensive damage” was done to it following the February storm, creating a void that collapsed the pavement above.

Island Roads secured the area immediately afterwards. Now the Coastal Management Team and Sandown-based contractor JA Dempsey have overseen an emergency repair of the collapsed area.

Councilor Jonathan Bacon, Cabinet Member for Climate Change and the Environment, said:

“The increasing number of extreme weather events we are experiencing due to the impact of our changing climate highlights areas where the island is vulnerable.

“Over the past few weeks the very dry conditions have meant that we have been very concerned about the risk of fire in the countryside.

“But only a few months ago a record storm caused significant damage to the Isle of Wight and the immediate repair and need for a long-term solution required at Queens Road is an example of the challenges we are facing. as a community.”

Councilor Phil Jordon, Cabinet Member for Infrastructure and Highways added:

“We are pleased to be able to return this section of walkway to service, but we cannot underestimate the enormous demands placed on our infrastructure by storms and hot weather.

“For this part of the seafront in Cowes, that means working with our partners to assess the condition of the wall and the surrounding area to see how we can manage the situation in the future.”

Talks are currently underway with structural engineering experts from Coastal Partners and the Environment Agency to study the condition of the entire structure and beach levels.

This will help council understand the full extent of the condition of the Queens Road coastal assets and develop an action plan for the future.

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