Country Girl Wins 39th Annual Pirate’s Cove Billfish Tournament

Country Girl Wins 39th Annual Pirate’s Cove Billfish Tournament

Posted at 4:23 p.m. on Monday, September 5, 2022

By Captain Dave Lear

With less than a minute remaining in the final hour of the final day, Captain Charles Foreman relied on his extensive local knowledge as a charter skipper to put his team on the winning fish. A vaulted sailboat country girl atop the leaderboard to claim the biggest payout for the 2022 Pirate’s Cove Billfish Tournament. A total of 274 anglers from 86 boats were competing for more than $1.04 million in prize money this year.

The Manteo-based 57′ Buddy Cannady won $370,438 as best boat and daily best for Day 4. The boat’s tally was two blue marlin and three sailfish, good for 800 points. Wayne Camden was one of the friends team anglers and he received the usual dip at Pirate’s Cove Marina after releasing his first blue marlin.

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“It was just an awesome day, once in a lifetime experience,” he recalled ahead of the awards ceremony last Friday night. “My dad has fished with me all my life and he’s gone, so it was a very emotional moment.” country girl other team members were Lee Collins, Angie Campbell, Amanda and Max Chapman, Larry Holland, Robert M. McGinn Jr (Robby), Jeff Campbell, H. Weyman Chapman Jr., Meredith Foreman, Ronda Ierna, and Darrell G. Payne. Lee Collins was the second.

Bill Receiver, a 52′ Jarrett Bay skippered by Captain Stephen Draughon, (mate Sam Steinberg) won $118,312 for second place and daily prizes for days 1 and 4. The boat took out a blue marlin and a white marlin and four sailboats for 750 points in total.

Blue sky took third place honors after scoring a blue, three whites and a sailboat. Captain Jay Weaver led his South Carolina team aboard the Spencer 60′ for aggregate earnings of $73,583. Matt Murphy and Donnie Todd worked in the cockpit.

Right hook, with Captain Austin Spitz at the helm, won $77,413 after scoring 650 points for releases of one blue marlin, three white marlin and one sailfish. The 58′ Croswait also won daily prizes for Day 3. Publisheda 57 Jamie Chadwick (Capt. Luke Glennon) was named the fifth boat after releasing two blue marlins and a sailfish.

trophy hunterwith Captain Kenneth Brown, won $177,373 for the most outing points and blue marlin jackpots on Day 1. Drew Brown was also named top junior angler (blue marlin) aboard the 55′ Buddy Cannady . Bi-Op-Mer, a 59′ Spencer with captain Jesse Granitzki on the flying bridge, was the second blue marlins team with 500 points, worth $42,840. Ebby Hall was also named the tournament’s best angler.

Other boats that won daily prizes included Paris (Captain Matt Daley), J&B (Captain Alan Murray), Reference (Captain Bobby Garmany), Fin Planner (Captain Chris Gornell) and Sniper (Captain Chris Raiford). Stacey Allen, fishing on board wall bracket with Captain Brian Allen, was named top female angler after releasing three sailboats.

Joe Woodington sailed tuna in first place, a yellowfin tuna tipping the scales at 75.5lbs, while fishing his 66ft Viking Desperado (VA). Garth McGillewie whipped the top wahoo at 69.6 pounds as he competed aboard Chas’N Tails, a 62′ Viking skippered by Captain Brandt McGillewie. The latest game fish entry was caught by Keelan Jones on Directly south, a 58′ Bobby Sullivan with Capt. Microwave Chambers on the controllers. The three game fish prizes were worth $23,800.

Over the week, 112 billfish were released by the fleet, including 30 blue marlins, 29 white marlins and 53 sailfish. Seventeen tunas were counted, as well as 15 wahoo and 11 dolphins.

The 40th Anniversary Pirate’s Cove Billfish Tournament will be held August 14-18, 2023 at Pirate’s Cove Resort and Marina in Manteo.


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