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Major hull turnaround for Royal Huisman’s 46m 405 project

Royal Huisman transformed the 46m performance cruiser, Project 405 aka Reichel / Pugh – Nauta 151. The turning of the modern performance hull at Royal Huisman’s new facility is an important step in the construction process. It marks the start of the equipment, during which various carefully selected and specially developed components will be fitted to ensure that this vessel will be both extremely light and – compared to existing carbon composite superyachts – very competitive in regattas. a radical new concept will offer all the advantages associated with existing Royal Huisman yachts: comfort, low noise levels and optimum world cruising characteristics. The modern and powerful hull shape of the Royal Huisman 405 project, with its straight bow, wide transom and double rudders, perfectly embodies the naval architecture and hydrodynamic design of Reichel / Pugh Yacht Design, which have an impressive reputation for creating high performance designs. . The construction inside is based on the optimal use of materials. For example, the Project 405 hull is a high quality blend of aluminum and carbon composite, using a semi-automated parametric structural optimization process. Over the course of sixteen iterations that are part of the shipyard’s new ‘Featherlight’ method, structural weight is reduced by an admirable 11% over conventional methods, while maintaining hull stiffness and ensuring integrity. structural. The retractable keel locker, deckhouse, guest cockpit and hardtop will all be carbon composite and are currently being manufactured “alongside” at Rondal. The shipyard’s sister company skillfully brings to life the intriguing shapes envisioned by Nauta Design, which is responsible for the overall concept of the yacht, exterior and interior design. In addition, Rondal and its partners are working to optimize the performance of the yacht by applying various innovations to the yacht’s integrated sail handling system, such as the electric captive carbon winches and the state-of-the-art Panamax carbon rig. . The latter was developed from the start with structured luff sails: the reduced load on the material means that the rig can also be considerably lighter. This will be the first large new build yacht to be launched with a configuration based on this method of rig design and engineering. The Royal Huisman 405 project will be delivered to its owners in 2022. Royal Huisman is a Dutch shipyard established in 1884 in Ronduite, which builds and renovates bespoke luxury sailing and motor yachts at its shipyard in Vollenhove, Pays -Bas.Credit: Royal Huisman

September 16, 2021

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