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The last season of Below deck: Mediterranean got off to a dramatic start after Chief Stew Natasha and Chief Dave’s hidden romance were revealed. After a turbulent evening in which Dave sent Natasha vulgar texts, Captain Sandy pulled the chief stew onto the deck to make sure she still felt safe around Dave.

Captain Sandy is known for many things, but one of them is being strict about the rules she set on her ship. Sandy had to handle her boat differently than male captains, but that’s what sets her apart from the rests. In a recent Reddit poll that garnered over 3,000 votes, fans voted for who Under the bridge captain they loved the most.


seven Sean Meagher – Below Deck (not included in poll)

Sean was briefly part of the Under the bridge family after Captain Lee had a medical problem before the start of the season and was unable to join the boat for the first hire. Sean made a strong impression on the crew due to his eccentric behavior and micromanaging style. Before joining the show, Sean had never watched an episode of Under the bridge and said, “My opinion was that this is where crews are going to destroy their careers and captains are going to die” (via Bustle). He quickly changed his tune after talking with the crew and experiencing the show for himself.

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Although Sean wasn’t included in the Reddit poll as he wasn’t a full-time cast member, but he’s popular enough with some viewers that several Redditors took to the comment section of the poll. to shout out Sean like a great captain with a goofy personality. .

6 Captain Mark – Below Deck: Mediterranean (47 votes)

Captain Mark was Below deck: Mediterraneanis the first captain. Although he was only on the show for one season, he was entertaining but didn’t seem suited for reality TV. He hilariously said, “So…I signed up for this TV show because I thought it would be fun and now I have to fire this kid who keeps writing poems for guests. ” It was lines like this that made him likable, however, with only one season left on the show, many fans don’t put him high on the list of most beloved captains.

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After one season on the show, Mark decided enough was enough and quit and spent the rest of his life away from the cameras. Tragically, Captain Mark died in 2021 of a heart attack. Many Under the bridge cast members took to social media to share their condolences and stories about him.

5 Captain Sandy – Below Deck: Mediterranean (49 votes)

Captain Sandy took over from Captain Mark in Season 2 of Below deck: Mediterranean and has been at the helm ever since. Captain Sandy was popular early in his time on the show, but slowly fans started to dislike him, especially when it came to his favoritism towards Malia and the unfair way she treated the former stew in chef Hannah Ferrier. Several former cast members have said that Sandy micromanages his team. Lauren Cohen who was on season 2 wrote on her Instagram that she would never work for Sandy again because of how she micromanages and undermines the crew from guests (via Cheatsheet).

Fans were especially upset with the way Sandy treated Hannah, who was a fan favorite, and felt like Malia and Sandy had set Hannah up. Hannah talked about how Sandy treated her badly from the very beginning of Below Deck Mediterranean, but the production wanted it to sound like they had a good relationship. Sandy certainly has some redeeming qualities, like how she wants to help other women in yachting as it’s not known to be an easy career for women, especially on deck or on deck.

4 Captain Jason – Under Deck Down Under (342 Votes)

Captain Jason is new to the Under the bridge franchise as the first captain of Under the bridge: down, the first season having aired on Peacock last April. Captain Jason was instantly liked by fans, largely due to his good looks (his nickname is Captain Cutie) and the fact that he was much younger than the other captains in the franchise. Because the location is in Australia, Jason had his hands tied for replacements and so seemed to have allowed some of the crew to walk all over him, but in reality, if he fired Chief Ryan (l one of the worst cast members on Under the bridge) if he wanted to, the boat would not have had a chef, perhaps the most important position on the boat as far as guests are concerned.

Fans expect more from Captain Jason in season two, though it has yet to be renewed for another season. He even received rave reviews from former chief stew Hannah Ferrier on his podcast, who got to know him in the boating world in Sydney, Australia. In an interview with Decider, Jason revealed that Hannah was the person who convinced him to do the show. She said, “You’re perfect for this. Just be yourself and go have fun.”

3 Captain Lee – Below Deck (980 votes)

Captain Lee is the first captain of the Under the bridge series, and has retained his “stud of the sea” title since its inception in 2013. Throughout the nearly decade-long run, Lee has had his fair share of ups and downs, both personally and professionally. . One of the most notable events that shook Captain Lee was when a line wrapped around Ashton’s foot and pulled him in the water as the boat moved. In his confessional, Lee was visibly shaken and couldn’t imagine being able to phone Ashton’s parents if the worst had happened.

Captain Lee has always been a fair and honest leader, and part of his appeal was his close relationship with former chief stew Kate Chastain, one of the most popular chief stews on Under the bridge. The two worked extremely well together and their temperaments were similar, leading to a lifelong friendship. As a stern leader, it’s clear he has a soft spot for the crew members, which only makes him more likable. It’s also worth noting that while many former crew members had negative things to say about Sandy, that’s not the case with Captain Lee.

2 Captain Glenn – Sailboat Below Deck (1.8k Votes)

Captain Glenn is by far the most popular captain in the Under the bridge series with the vast majority of votes. Although he was a relatively new captain, he quickly became the most beloved and respected captain due to his calm, empathetic yet capable demeanor. Some viewers have been taken aback by his nonchalant attitude when it comes to crew parties and the wild antics they do, but he maintains that as long as it doesn’t interfere with their work, their free time is theirs.

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Glenn’s personality is one of the main reasons viewers enjoy watching Glenn on screen. He gets along well with everyone on the crew, has trouble talking to charter guests, but is still able to put his foot down when it counts, like when Tom refused to take responsibility for allowing the boat to drag the anchor, which resulted in the ship aground. He took his time deciding what to do about Tom and made a fair assessment of the ship’s safety and finally let Tom go.

1 The last word

While Glenn gets the win by far, many agree that Glenn wins the most for his personality and righteousness. Lee comes in second due to his OG status and still being a constant with the show. The overwhelming majority of Redditors on this thread aren’t Sandy fans, and would even put Sean above her if they could.

A Redditor said that because Jason voted so much higher than Sandy, it’s time for him and his show to get a spot on Bravo after doing so well on Peacock. And finally, these Redditors agree that Mark was a good captain, he just wasn’t destined for a reality TV career.

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