Explore the United Arab Emirates; more than Dubai

Travelers planning a trip to the United Arab Emirates choose to stay in Dubai for their entire vacation. However, in addition to this cosmopolitan emirate, there are six other cities in the region that are also worth visiting. If you want to learn more about the culture, see iconic moments in history, and soak up the essence of the country, the following stops are great to add to the Dubai experience.

The main attractions of Dubai are well known. Immersing yourself in the amazing futuristic architecture of the city, visiting the most renowned places in the city and resting on the beautiful beaches of the city make it a sound experience. In addition to activities accessible to all tourists, a hot air balloon ride or a jeep excursion in the desert are options available for thrill seekers.

One of the most dynamic places from a historical and cultural point of view is only a few tens of kilometers from Dubai. Sharjah, unlike Dubai, doesn’t have breathtaking skyscrapers or a plethora of luxury boutiques, but it does offer opportunities to learn more about the country’s culture and history.

Sharjah Fortress; Sharjah, UAE –Photo: Denys Gromov | Pexels

Sharjah offers travelers to delve deeper into the realm of historic structures by visiting museums to learn about the history of the Arabic alphabet and calligraphy, as well as the history of Islamic civilization. The concentration of museums centered in Sharjah provides a wealth of knowledge and historical information on collections of weapons, culture, religion, art, automobiles, etc.

After seeing Dubai, where the only hot deserts are outside the city, travelers will be pleasantly surprised by visiting Hatta. The emirate embodies the natural beauty of lakes, mountains and wildlife. This place becomes the preferred destination for people with a sense of adventure. Kayaking, boating and catamarans are all available here. Mountain biking, leisurely hiking in the mountains, and horseback riding are also options.

Ras Al Khaimah is the northernmost city in the United Arab Emirates, with gulf beaches, museums and a centuries-old fort. The Ras Al Khaimah zip line is the longest in the world. A zipline trip through the mountains will take your breath away as it sits nearly 1600 meters above sea level and is approximately 2850 meters long.

Travelers looking for the UAE experience with all of the above would be drawn to all the glamor outside of Dubai that the metropolis has to offer.

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