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What does the Parish of Iberia have in common with Lake Havasu, Arizona? Norfolk, Virginia; Olympia, Washington; Martin County, Florida, and two other locations in the United States?

These five locations, including Port Clinton, Ohio and Dana Point, Calif., Were recently announced as the top 7 U.S. summer fishing destinations for 2021 by FishingBooker. The online travel agency presents itself as the largest company specializing in the organization of fishing trips around the world.

Why Iberia Parish? According to a statement prepared on June 15, Fishing Booker points out that water constitutes half of the parish of Iberia. Much of this water, both fresh and salty, offers moderate to good fishing success weather permitting.

To compile the list, FishingBooker looked at destinations across the country with great fishing conditions during the summer, and plenty of other things to do after returning from the fishing trip.

The online fishing company notes that there’s probably no better time to get out on the water than this summer after 2020. People are enjoying the great outdoors more than ever.

FishingBooker has hit the nail on the head in most cases when describing the fishing possibilities in Iberia Parish. The company points out that fishermen can go offshore to fish for red snapper, mangrove snapper, lemon fish, yellowfin tuna, amberjack and more, a literal buffet offshore, as it was called.

For those who prefer to stay in or around inland waters, there are speckled trout, rockfish and plaice to fish in and around Vermilion Bay and Marsh Island.

FishingBooker’s choice for two saltwater “lakes” was Oyster Lake at Marsh Island and Tigre Lagoon south of the Avery Canal and south of the Intracoastal Waterway, the latter hardly being a household name among fishermen. salt water from the Teche region, where sport and hot spots were adopted. from generation to generation to generation. Vermilion Bay, Weeks Bay, Trash Pile, Dry Reef, Lake Farm, Michael Cove and Lake Tom immediately come to mind as some of the best known fishing spots in Iberia Parish.

It’s not just the prospect of catching fish, says FishingBooker.

The company described the great potential for capturing freshwater species, including largemouth bass, bream, suckling (sunfish, white bass and catfish. However, list smallmouth bass and striped bass as two species was overdone.

“Once you’ve had enough of diving into the fish, you can fill your itinerary with unique Louisiana experiences, exciting tours around the bayous, and trips to exotic islands. You can explore lush tropical gardens, the Isle of Avery, art galleries, museums, theaters, shops and more, ”the prepared statement reads.

What about the other six in the Top 7?

This corner of paradise along the Atlantic Ocean between Orlando and Miami, is home to world-class fishing due to the most biodiverse lagoon ecosystems in the country as well as the start of the Florida Coral Reef Tract. Over 800 species swim in the waters around Martin County.

How good can he be? Stuart, Florida, one of the county’s towns, has been dubbed the “Sailboat Capital of the World.” Wahoo, mahi mahi, tuna and sailboat are kings.

A Great Lakes getaway includes the “Walleye Capital of the World”. The city is located between Lake Erie and Sandusky Bay, along Lake Erie, just west of Cleveland. The town’s waterfront is dotted with fishing boats and pleasure boats.

Perch and smallmouth bass also provide a lot of fun to compete with walleye.

This city is known for more than being home to the world’s largest naval base. Its diverse array of fish to target is unprecedented with the chance to land a fish of a lifetime.

Anglers can fish the calm, shallow waters of the Indian River or the James River for bass, trout, tautog, flounder, drum and more or go further for a chance to experience the legendary redfish from the region in Chesapeake Bay, as well as lemonfish and amberjack. The offshore waters are teeming with marlins, tunas, mahi mahi and sailboats.

The water south of the Tacoma Narrow Bridge is the only place it’s legal to fish year round salmon in this part of Oregon. The July arrival also heralds the start of Chinook Salmon season in southern Puget Sound, a great time to roll up the ‘king’.

While salmon is the most iconic fish in these waters, it is also an incredible fishery for plaice and cutthroat trout.

A huge harbor with beautiful sandy beaches and picturesque cliffs are some of the highlights of this city between Los Angeles and San Diego. Just minutes away, bays, reefs and offshore waters invite you while charter boat captains offer calico bass, rockfish, white bass and California halibut, or further afield for amberjack, barracuda and sharks. Further offshore, you can hook on albacore, yellowfin, marlin and bluefin tuna.

Famous Lake Havasu, located on the California-Arizona border, is one of the nation’s top summer fishing destinations. Of course, the beaches are suitable for swimming and water sports, but largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, bream, catfish, and striped bass are the main attractions for anglers. The lake has several public docks and jetties, as well as many boats for hire.

FishingBooker was born in 2013, according to pechebooker.com. It operates on six continents with thousands of charters available for booking daily.

“We built our business from scratch, with determination and a clear vision as our foundation. It is our job to make unforgettable fishing experiences available around the world and to have something of interest to offer to all anglers on the planet, beginners and experts, ”the company’s website.

The company promotes itself as the world’s largest platform to connect anglers and fishing guides with over 32,000 fishing trips available in over 2,000 destinations around the world. Some FishingBooker blogs recently covered tarpon fishing in Florida, sturgeon fishing in Oregon, salmon fishing on the Columbia River in the Pacific Northwest, fishing on the Riviera Maya in the Mexican Caribbean, from Cozumel on the Mexican mainland and from the Maldives in the Indian Ocean.

According to sitejabber.com, a popular destination for customer ratings and business reviews, 75 percent of reviews last year were positive for FishingBooker.

Iberia Parish is definitely in thin air and in elite company with this year’s FishingBooker Top 7. It is a source of pride for the community.

DON SHOOPMAN is the outside editor of the Daily Iberian.

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