Eyachts’ Ross Turner talks about electric boats in WA

It’s no secret that electric yachts are the latest trend that’s making a buzz in the marine industry. At the Perth Boat Show 2022, boating enthusiasts were treated to a selection of the best deals on display, courtesy of Australia’s largest electric and hybrid boat distributor, Eyachts.

Market Herald From The Deck presenter Iolande Skinner sat down with Eyachts and TMG (The Multihull Group) Managing Director Ross Turner at the Perth Boat Show to discuss the electric vessel market in Western Australia.

While Ross mentioned that the Western Australian market is beginning to embrace electric boats, he explained that current limitations such as battery technology mean the industry is still catching up. He thinks the industry is about to take off, especially with the improved performance of electric boats.

We have now reached that point where on a round range of boats they are capable of 40/50 knots and they can have ranges of up to 250/300 kilometers if you are happy to sail at 5 or 6 knots more gentle the speed.

Ross Turner, Managing Director of Eyachts and TMG

Axopar 37 Cross Cabin | Source: Eyachts

Ross described the primary benefit of electric boats as providing “quiet, emission-free cruising the waterway when you don’t need that long-term exhilaration.” He said the Eyachts “Axopar” 37 range is the most popular among Western Australian buyers, with the 37ft cross-cabin version being the company’s best seller in the west.

[The Axopar 37 Cross Cabin] has that ability to perform at sea, but you can also close the boat so that when the wind and rain come, you can still enjoy your time on the boat.

Axopar 37 Cross Cabin | Source: Eyachts

The managing director of Eyachts also looked at the advantages of multi-hull boats over single-hull designs, explaining that it comes down to “space, volume and stability but also efficiency”.

You will find that multihulls are much more efficient on the water and everyone is aware of speed, distance and fuel consumption.

Catamarans truly offer more space for your enjoyment. You have the advantage of having two hulls, which often means that one will be dedicated to an owner’s suite and the other hull for guests or children.

From jet skis to hardtails, the 2022 Perth Boat Show showcased a range of quality marine products to keep on your radar.

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