First look: the Rapido 50 foldable trimaran


The recently launched Rapido 50 will share many of the same features as its predecessors as a performance foldable trimaran that should turn heads

When launched in 2016, the Rapido 60 designed by Morelli and Melvin quickly established this brand as a new generation of super-fast yet practical racing / cruising trimaran.

The Vietnam-based manufacturer has two other models in development, 40ft and 50ft. Both are collapsible multihull designs, which allow them to fit into a regular monohull marina berth and reduce onshore storage costs.

The construction of the Morelli and Melvin design is a sandwich of infused carbon foam, with beams, fins and a pre-impregnated carbon rudder. The central hull is configured to live on one level, with the cockpit and deckhouse on the same level, although the Rapido 50 has a higher helm station to give a clear view of the coachroof.

The polars of this model show that it is capable of reaching a boat speed well above 20 knots over a wide range of wind angles, and up to 18 knots in width with only 14 knots of wind. The first Rapido 50 was built for delivery to an owner in Palma, Mallorca.

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Rapido is also working on a 40 footer with curved C-foils and T-rudders. In addition to offering a performance boost, without the control problems of a fully foiled boat, these allow the opening of the boat. ‘interior because there is no need for a centreboard in the central hull.

The result appears to be a very attractive high performance yacht with a civilized two cabin interior and acres of deck space.

The basic prices are understood to be ex-works, ex-sails and electronics, and with aluminum spars.

Rapido 50 specification

LOA: 15.24 m / 50 ft 9 in
LWL: 14.96 m / 49 ft 1 in
Maximum beam: 34 ft 1 in / 10.38 m
Folded beam: 5.5 m / 18 ft 1 in
Rough draft: 0.67-3.52 m / 2 feet 2 inches to 11 feet 7 inches
Displacement (light): 8,200 kg / 14,400 lb
Base price: US $ 1.25 million excluding VAT

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