Fish.Travel, the new Travel Tech start-up disrupting the fishing industry

Fish.Travel is an American company offering premium fishing packages at affordable prices. The company is committed to disrupting the fishing industry by offering customers more convenient ways to book well-equipped fishing boats at rock-bottom prices.

According to statistics from Bull Buster, a full day inshore fishing charter costs around $600-$700 on average. Thousands of American anglers can’t afford premium charters, while most have to save up for weeks to book a small, unmanned boat.

Fish.Travel is an American travel tech startup founded to disrupt the fishing industry with game-changing booking innovations, the best fishing charters, and affordable fishing prices.

The company enables people who love to fish to book a great fishing vacation without having to sift through hundreds of online offers, research the credibility of the captain, and spend hours of their precious time trying to get their way. hear about the date and time.

Fish.Travel pioneered the use of the Uber model in the fishing industry. Booking fishing charters through Fish.Travel is as easy as taking a taxi: just choose the type of fishing, preferred comfort level, and when and where you want to be picked up. Customers can set up a charter directly from the brand’s official website with an integrated booking tool.

Fish.Travel offers boats that are fully equipped and equipped with the essentials, such as life jackets, first aid kits and various technical installations. Fish.Travel offers premium fishing trips throughout the United States and Quintana Roo, Mexico.

Dozens of Fish.Travel fishing charter reviews have praised the brand’s low prices and impeccable service. Sean Burnand booked an inshore fishing charter in Playa del Carmen and shared his experience of engaging the services of Fish.Travel, saying:

“I’ve fished all over the Caribbean, and these guys knew what they were doing. Changing baits all the time and having great gear. For the price and type of fishing, it was worth it. The sea was choppy so we weren’t able to drop anchor, but we still had a great day. Said Sean.

Kayl Callaghan described her Key West flats fishing experience as a “blast”, noting:

“We programmed our trap through Fish. Travel, and I was very impressed! We did a half day fishing trip and had a blast! The next time we return there is no doubt who we will call for our fishing adventure. Thank you, Captain Neil!”, said Kayl.

Hundreds of seasoned veterans, as well as occasional anglers and first-timers, have praised the quality of service and premium rental boats provided by Fish.Travel. The company is deeply committed to its customers and offers the best fishing charters, fishing tours and fishing guides at very affordable prices.

Fish.Travel offers top-notch customer service, which is committed to educating each customer about their charter and equipment options, helping to arrange charters, and answering any questions after the trip is over.

Free cancellation combined with weather protection and guaranteed catch or refund policy has made Fish.Travel one of the most popular fishing travel companies in today’s market.

Fish.Travel is constantly expanding the list of available charters and destinations, striving to provide its clients and customers with a bespoke and unforgettable all-inclusive fishing experience. The company has effectively become the Uber of American anglers and continues to provide quality service to experienced anglers and beginners alike.

More information about Fish.Travel is available on the brand’s official website.

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