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We are in the midst of the fishing lull, or what is better known as the time between the end of plaice season and the start of bass season on October 8th.

Some people may think that nothing is happening, but in reality it is always a great time to go fishing. Local boats look for triggerfish, weak fish, blue fish, croakers and jacks. It’s a nice mixed bag to chase that can fill a cooler.

Also, a few stripers were caught this week which would be a nice bonus if they were around throughout the fall. There are also reports on the final days of the 2021 summer flounder campaign.

Captain Chuck and the Sea Star III skippers ended the plaice season with a good effort as they did their best while fishing in less than desired conditions. A little wind is good, but too much can ruin a trip.

Doug Costa and his 5.8 pound plaice.

They concluded the week with “several” anglers hitting their limits, while “quite a few” flounders broke the 5lb mark. Fittingly, the pool winners this week caught the plaice and were Will Fisher, who won with a 3.6 pounds, George Harley (3.9), Al Petrosh (4.5), Joe Breen (5, 1), Bill Ruszkowski (5.4) and Doug Costa, who weighed in at a 5.8 pounds.

Remember that the Sea Star III will continue to sail daily at 9 a.m. Introduce yourself and take a seat on the rail.

First Fish Adventures of Sea Isle took the Grimste family on a trip focused primarily on Spanish mackerel rather than winter flounder. Twins Evie and Gabrielle did a “great job” as they and their parents “took a lot” while only keeping six at the end of the trip.

Caption 3 (5) .jpg

The Grimste family with their spanish mcapture of acerel.

Captain Zig turned his attention to ‘shark’. The first results were good.

Bayhound Charters Light Tackle Sportfishing experienced the same harsh conditions as others during the last days of the summer plaice season. Flounder might not have liked the swells, but that didn’t stop a fisherman named Danny from landing an unexpected black drum that hit a flounder platform. The moral of this fishing trip is that it is important to lower the rig to the bottom because you never know what can swim under the boat.

The Miss Avalon ended their flounder hunt by organizing a deep water trip. They fought in “swell” conditions – pun intended – and had to adjust their plans, work in different areas while getting close, but things just weren’t as they had hoped. However, they did manage to nab a few goalies so the trip was not a total waste. The 10 hour trip from the previous week was canceled before they left the dock.

The Miss Avalon will continue to sail for triggerfish, weak fish and croakers. Call ahead at 609-967-7455, as their schedule will vary in the weeks leading up to the start of bar season.

The Starfish now runs five-hour trips that leave the dock at 8 a.m. Check their schedule on their website to see when they are sailing.

Grassy Sound Marina reported that a school of dusky sharks was in the area around the pier and they provided some great action for fishermen. A fisherman also landed a beautiful flounder before the end of the season. A few days later, Jen, a member of the pier, threw a bunker head and a point net. For her efforts, she was rewarded with a striped bass just under the 38-inch mark.

Capts. Andrew and Stan, at Sailor’s Delight, will continue to roam the backwaters. Currently they will target bluefish, but I’m sure they’ll be more than happy if any striped bass, weak fish, or spots show up.

They will also go to local rock piles to try and catch black fish. The bag limit is currently one, but when the limit drops to five on November 16, I’m sure they’ll be running trips just for them.

Caption 2 (6) .jpg

Two fishermen and their catch at sunset.

No Bones Bait and Tackle reported that two fishermen pulled up after recently fishing at sunset. They each had a striper keeper and one had a black fish keeper, while the other had a weak fish keeper. Late afternoon is always a good time to wet the line.

The action this week has been a little lighter than expected, but when days are lost due to the weather, this is the result. Hopefully the wind will drop and the fishermen can get out and practice their trade.

There are still plenty of fish to catch as we head into October so good luck if you get out.

Take care of yourself and I’ll see you around.

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