Fishing report: some water still high, good fishing; Pyramid Lake opens today | News from Carson City, Nevada


Hello fishermen friends. Mother Nature wasted no time, did she? When it’s fall, it just goes cold, and here we are.

Here in the Carson Valley, we’ve come down to 23 degrees. For those souls of Bridgeport, temperatures have dropped to 13 degrees. Time to break out the big coats and maybe some long underwear for those cold morning fishing trips.

Before I get to my report, I would like to make a correction regarding areas closed to the public.

I have been in contact with Daniel Dull, a ranger from the Carson City land management office, Sierra Front field office. He gave me more explanation of the closures in the area, which I have included in this report. In accordance with 43 CFR 9212.2, the following emergency is required to ensure public safety during fire rehabilitation operations following the Tamarack fire which began on July 4, 2021.

All public areas and trails, with the exception of Airport Road, located in Alpine County, California and administered by the BLM-Nevada Carson City District, will be temporarily closed as of 12:01 am on Saturday August 21 and will expire on November 30, 2021, unless otherwise canceled.

This area includes the east side of Indian Creek Reservoir and the land surrounding the lake. This also includes the eastern fork of the Carson River accessible through BLM managed lands from the Carson River Complex to the CA / NV state boundary. This also includes the hangman’s bridge area. You access BLM’s website to view land closures in areas at

This is for your safety and to help restore areas. If you are caught trespassing in these areas. 43 CFR 9212.4 provides this for everyone. Anyone who knowingly and willfully violates this Emergency Closure Order is liable to a term of imprisonment of up to 12 months or a fine in accordance with the enforcement provisions of 18 USC 3571, or both. As a fellow fisherman, I want to make sure that I provide all the rules and limits of the areas in which we can and cannot fish at this time. When changes occur, I will pass them on.

LAKE TAHOE: This week the bite was absolutely ballistic. You can basically choose whatever you want. Kokanis still occur in the southwest corner, but the fish change color. 85-100 feet above deeper water both trolling and jigging.

Mackinaw bite is great as the fish are mostly pre-spawn and some are starting to spawn. Jigging 130-220 off any ledge containing fish will produce quick action on fish 2-10 lbs. Williamson Gomoku Jigs, 2 oz Minnow Tipped on 20 lb. Now I myself have targeted and smashed rainbows, cutthroats and shallow Mack’s, dragging and drifting minnows on bait balls in 50-70ft water. For more information, call Tahoe Topliners Sportfishing at 530-721-0593.

SILVER LAKE: The water level is still high enough for small boats to launch. Fishing has been slow but will resume with colder temperatures. The Rapalas were the best on the east side of the lake. Please be courteous to the area firefighters who are still battling the Caldor fire.

LAKE OF THE CAPLES: Due to closures in the area in reference to the Caldor fire. The Caples Lake Resort has closed for the season. I spoke with the El Dorado Irrigation District last week about the day use area and the public boat launch. The area is closed and there is no potential date yet for when or if they will open for the remainder of this season. The water level is low and there haven’t been many reports of anglers recently.

LAKE OF THE WOODS: closed for the season due to the Caldor fire and security concerns in the area.

BLUE LAKES: PG&E has closed the lake for the season due to safety concerns. The road is open to the 4th gate. I spoke with the forest service of the campsite in the area. I was told that you are allowed to camp along the road area. But remember that there is NO campfire or charcoal barbecue allowed. Smoking is only permitted in your vehicle on US Forest Lands.

CARSON RIVER WEST FORK CTÉ CALIFORNIA: The water levels are very low and there haven’t been many anglers to test the waters.

CARSON RIVER EAST FORK: The river is low and is very fishable. Look for areas of slower movement in deeper pools. Fish the headwaters of this area with a green mouse tail and a little slit 12 inches up the line, you will need to adjust the size of the weight for the current. Salmon eggs were also productive by drifting through the ripples. Fishing is only permitted from the Carson River Resort upstream until November 30. For more information, stop by the Carson River Resort.

INDIAN CREEK TANK: Closed until November 30th or the restrictions have been lifted.

LAKE TOPAZ: The level of the lake has dropped considerably. The boat launch at the Douglas County Ramp is open, but the docks have been removed. When you launch out, stay on the west side of the ramp. There is a descent on the east side of the ramp. New regulations this year. The lake is now open all year round for the pleasure of fishermen. NDOW will set its planting schedule for the lake later in December. I do not know if the Lodge will organize its derby this year. We’ll keep updated.

LAKE HEENAN: The lake is open for fishing and releasing seven days a week until the end of November 30. Artificial lures or flies with barbless hooks. Reports I have had is that the fishery has been very productive for cutthroat trout in the 12 “to 19” inch class.

PYRAMID LAKE: October 1 is the opening day for the fall / winter season. A Nevada fishing license is not required, but a tribal license is required. They are $ 24 per day or $ 62 for a three-day permit for adults. Permits for youth aged 12 to 17 cost $ 12 per day or $ 32 for a three-day permit. Lunch on the boat costs $ 24 per day or $ 66 for a three-day permit. Camping costs $ 32 per vehicle per night, or $ 66 for a three-day permit per vehicle. Daytime use is $ 22 per vehicle per day. You can get your permits online at, or at the ranger station located in Sutcliffe. Certain rules and regulations must be observed when fishing on the lake. There is a slot limit of 2 fish per day. 17 “to 20” and over 24 “, only one of your takes can be over 24” long, or you can keep 2 in the 17 “to 20” range. Do not fillet your fish on the reservation, each fish should be checked for size and length. Barbless hooks, artificial lures or flies only and no fragrance can be added to your presentation. You can use 2 single hooks, 2 double hooks or 2 treble hooks only. A marine band radio is highly recommended on the lake, which is monitored on channel 16. You must keep a distance of 250 ‘from anglers when trolling. Check the website or ask when you arrive which areas you are allowed to camp. Some beaches are closed to the public. I would also prepare for the size of the fish you catch while fishing in the lake. Many anglers marvel at the sight of a 3-6 pound fish. At Pyramid, they are classified as young people. This lake also contains the ancient Cui-ui fish. These fish must be immediately released unharmed.

NDOW PROGRAMMED FISH PLANTS: Mitch Pond, Baily Pond, Siemens Pond, Marilyn Pond, Wilson Common Pond, Spooner Lake.

Good luck on your next fishing adventure. Remember that wherever you venture, campfires are not allowed anywhere. If you get a photo of your take, send it to [email protected]

Hope to see you on the water soon. Good fishing and tight lines.

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