Flathead Lake sailing business gives women a chance to challenge themselves on the waters


DAYTON – Captain Genevieve Evans is from Montana, but she left the shores of the house to make her own course, and a pretty impressive one at that.

“Captain G” as it’s called, and it’s a title she deserved. She has served as a USCG captain, ASA instructor, and professional sailor for the past decade.

Running, teaching and sailing in the Virgin Islands, Belize and Montana.

“I really decided I had an itch that just needed to be scratched off and understood that giving the people of Flathead Valley sailing was something I had to do,” said Evans.

Owner of Go Sail Flathead Lake Montana, Evans is one of the few women to be awarded the title of captain, and she wears it with the goal of teaching people how to navigate her local business in Flathead Lake.

“For me it has always been an opportunity to be self-sufficient,” said Evans. “I challenge myself and network with many other people, and we offer sailing lessons to women, especially on the lake because it is an opportunity for them to surpass themselves, to take risks and to be part of a team. “

“I think not only do women rise above each other, but also the challenges we face,” added Lauri McCargar, participant and owner of the Outsiety outdoor women’s group.

There are two titles Evans takes seriously: Captain and Business Owner. His business and crew continue to grow, now offering courses, rentals and charters with access to 10 different boats and sailing to three locations on Flathead Lake.

“The women who take our classes learn to be good teachers,” Evans said. “We don’t just teach them how to drive the boat where to go. Now they are taking their families and crew and involving more people so they have the confidence to take other people out.”

“Not only does this share her knowledge, but it encourages women to step out of their comfort zone,” McCargar added.

If you ask Evans what is the one thing she hopes you learn beyond sailing, her answer is simple.

“Whenever I was sailing with a woman or other group of women, I always felt that intense connection that really led me to be a good captain and a good leader,” said Evans.

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