Follow a 275ft M / Y White Rabbit into a wonderland of custom luxury and style


Folks, the ship in front of you is known as the White Rabbit, an 84-meter (275-foot) motor yacht prized for luxurious comfort and elegant lifestyle, so much so that it has even won awards. for its architecture and design, one of which is the Judges’ Commendation at the 2019 World Superyacht Awards. It’s time to see what it is.

Whenever a ship like this is built, it’s rarely the work of one team. In the case of the White Rabbit, three teams are responsible for the construction before you. The first and the same team that is responsible for interior and exterior design is Sam Sorgiovanni design studio, a team that has been in existence since 1997.

Second, is the naval architect. For the White Rabbit, One2three was the chosen team for the job. Why? Well, since 2005 this crew has specialized in building boats, yachts and superyachts with hull construction ranging from classic monohull boats, through catamaran ferries and sailboats, to massive trimarans like the Rabbit.

Finally, Eco Marine Group, an Australian team known and appreciated for its ability to manifest the dreams of customers and superyachts, has brought together this piece of floating lifestyle. Together the result is a wonderland of style and luxury, not to mention activities.

But what really makes the bunny so attractive is that it is completely personalized work and tailored to the tastes of a lucky owner; just look at this exterior. The design of the trimaran’s hull helps to widen the vessel, providing more space to build on, more comfort, as trimarans are known for their smooth sailing.

Due to the ship’s nearly 20 meters (65.6 feet) beam, there is more than enough space for any facilities the 30 guests might need. Once the bedrooms for the guests and the 34 crew have been established, the rest of the ship is opened up to release the owner’s dream.

At the bow of the ship, a garage for tenders and toys, equipped with a crane awaits the opportune moment to launch boats, while at the rear, each deck extends outwards to provide dining areas. exterior, lounge areas and lounge chairs, not to mention a funky beach deck that is ceded by the large openings in the hull design.

Inside the ship, an intricate network of spaces providing guests with things like a game room, cinema room, karaoke lounge, piano lounge, bars, and countless other spaces designed with a the only goal in mind, relaxation. Speaking of relaxation, guests should also expect a spa and always have a Jacuzzi available to unwind.

As for the materials used in the interior construction of the ship, everything from wood and carpet to marble, granite and semi-precious metals was used. Sofas and other seating are furnished with fabrics, leathers and even velvet in some areas. Oh, did I mention glass, as a lot of things have been used to decorate interior spaces such as bars and dining rooms.

The cabins are luxuriously designed and have more than just a five star hotel feel. Wood, carpet, composites, LED lighting and several bedding arrangements are sure to help guests sleep in absolute comfort. If the guests aren’t there to relax or party, there is even a space set up to accommodate married people at work.

Due to the design of her hull, the White Rabbit can achieve a 40% increase in fuel efficiency compared to traditional monohull ships. However, do not take effective to mean slow. Using six main engines and two propellers, this massive vessel can reach speeds of over 19 knots (21.8 mph) and travel 5,000 nautical miles (5,753 miles).

You know, the more I write about ships like the White Rabbit, the more I want to see how far this rabbit hole really goes. Hell, maybe someday self-evolution will be invited aboard a ship like this. When that happens, just enjoy the show or work smart enough to make it happen on your own.

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