Footage captures moment ‘world’s fastest shark’ lands on fisherman

A video has captured the terrifying moment one of the world’s fastest sharks jumped out of the ocean and landed right above a fisherman on a boat.

The clip, which has been viewed more than 500,000 times on TikTok, was shared earlier this week by Carey Chen who was on the Sea Ventures Charter boat when the incident happened.

The short video begins with those on board marveling at the shark, believed to be a shortfin mako, jumping out of the water a short distance away. A man shouts: “Oh shit, you saw that”, amazed by the jump of the shark.

Before you know it, what is thought to be the same, the shark leaps out of the water over the side of the boat seconds later and lands on one of the fishermen and on the deck of the ship.

Some shout “holy f**k” as the fish lands on the deck with another person asking, “Are you okay Justin?”

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Don’t Mess With Makos Cameron Sinclair #mako #makoshark #shark #fishing

The video was reportedly filmed off the coast of Massachusetts on August 27.

Sea Ventures Charters then shared the video on their Facebook page which they called “a once in a lifetime experience!” They added that no one was injured and the shark was tagged before being released back into the water.

Mako have a powerful bite of up to 13,000 newtons and have been known to leap into the air when hooked, making them a sought after species in the big game fishing world.

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