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Planning a family vacation can be tricky because people of different ages always seem to want different things.

It seems like no destination appeals to toddlers, teens or adults of all ages.

But the options change quickly in the world of travel. There are now more destinations and experiences available than ever before.

There is a generation that would have thought that average vacationers might consider chartering a catamaran for a cruise in the British Virgin Islands. Yet today, chartering is more popular than ever, especially for family groups.

Much of this wonderful increase in accessibility is due to the emergence of international boat rental operators like Borrow A Boat. This leading charter company offers an extraordinary number of boats for rent – over 35,000 at any one time.

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It also offers its customers a simple but useful website which shows all the boats available in each location and pages of useful information and advice. This makes the process of chartering a boat quite easy for anyone to master.

A family planning to rent a boat in the British Virgin Islands can find hundreds of yachts and catamarans available on the Borrow a Boat website. It’s the easiest way to plan a charter boat vacation.

Even the busiest extended family group, with all the normal competing demands and interests of different age groups, can arrange the perfect boating holiday. From Phuket to France, the website has a huge selection of sailing yachts, motor cruisers, catamarans and superyachts to choose from.

Whatever holiday trip you are planning, there are boats of all sizes and for all budgets. Best of all, for a family vacation, the booking process can be so easy and quick.

The simple digital service offered by Borrow A Boat takes away much of the usual stress of planning holidays for different age groups and generations. The entire charter booking can be done in just five minutes.

Access the site via laptop, tablet or smartphone and discover how easy it is to research, plan and book family vacations. As well as photos and details of all the boats available in the BVI, there are also destination information pages.

It provides an expert guide to organize vacations in the islands. This makes it a great one-stop site to plan your vacation to this ideal sailing destination.

It helps that the BVI is world famous for its clear turquoise seas, beautiful palm-fringed white sand beaches and safe waters to sail. These islands are full of harbors and coves, and the distances between them are short, making them an ideal sailing destination.

Where to go

Most vacation charters begin at marinas on Tortola Island, in places like Road Town (the capital), Nanny Cay, Sea Cow Bay, and East End Bay. But there are plenty of nearby islands to visit, such as Jost Van Dyke, Anegada and Virgin Gorda.

Overall, the BVI comprises around 60 tropical islands and cays. About 16 of them are inhabited – so there are plenty of options to navigate.

They range from Tortola, which is 12 miles long, to dozens of tiny uninhabited islands of coral or rock. There are many tourist spots scattered among these islands, making it easy to find things to explore in any part of the BVI.

For example, the thermal baths of Virgin Gorda are one of the main tourist sites – a magnificent beach littered with huge round granite boulders that have been declared a national park. These create charming little sea pools, hidden caves and coves that are delightful to explore.

Another completely different national park is a short hike inland. Gorda Peak National Park surrounds the highest point of the island, a prominent cactus-covered hill with fabulous views of the other islands.

Or head to Jost Van Dyke Island to find White Bay, one of the Caribbean’s top-rated beaches. It’s a spectacular long strip of clear white sand backed by swaying palms and protected by a coral reef.

There is a channel through the reef for charter boats to safely enter and anchor in the crystal clear water off the dazzling white sand beach. There are also plenty of beach bars and restaurants here.

On Tortola, there’s a quieter beach to get away from. The famous Smuggler’s Cove beach on the western end of the island is very sheltered and secluded.

This is a favorite spot for those looking for a quiet day swimming with sea turtles or swimming from the undeveloped beach.

What better way to create lasting memories with your family and kids than going to Smuggler’s Cove and swimming with the turtles

It is never too crowded, as it is difficult to access by road. This means that a charter boat is the best way to get to Smuggler’s Cove.

And if that’s not enough, set sail for the island of Anegada. It has a different feel to the rest of the BVIs as it is low and protected by Horseshoe Reef, one of the largest in the world.

This helped keep it underdeveloped. It is an island that is more popular with adventurers and wildlife lovers than partygoers and foodies. They’re usually too busy enjoying the lively social spirit of BVI hotspots – like Road Town on Tortola and The Valley on Virgin Gorda.

The BVIs offer so much variety that there is something for everyone on a charter vacation. Even families who normally can never agree on anything end up agreeing that this is one of the best boating destinations in the world.

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