Highlights of The Deck’s Perth Boat Show 2022

The Perth Boat Show 2022 was a three-day celebration of the best marine products on offer from businesses in Western Australia. Held at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre, the premier nautical event focusing on the precious times we all enjoy on the water, like fishing and wakesurfing.

This year, organizers aimed to educate visitors on the importance of safety when boating with attendants who could even become registered skippers at the event. There were fishing demonstrations, a huge aquarium for live demonstrations and even a casting contest for children.

Some superb examples of marine hardware on display have been exhibited by renowned brands such as Axopar, Mercury and newcomers to the boating industry, Pirelli.

Strong points

Dom Barbagallo de Barbagallo Navy spoke to Iolande Skinner of From The Deck about their recent sales spike and some of the benefits of owning a Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB). Hardtails are easy to use, perfect for weekend warriors and none will turn heads like an Italian-made Pirelli.

Barbagallo described the unique opportunities for Western Australians to enjoy “some of Australia’s best waters” on board a boat and said there has been a shift in the Western Australian market to safe, high quality hardtails due to their ease of use, speed and luxury features. .

The shift has definitely gone to these semi-rigid inflatable boats which are more usable. You can hop on it on a Friday night, come home, water down, and be back in your own bed. Super easy to use, so the market has been good to us so far.

Dom Barbagallo, Barbagallo Navy

His favorite, the new 15 meters Pirelli 50 RIB, was the star of the show and dominated the Barbagallo Marine stand. With berths for four and luxury features such as an outdoor kitchenette and teak deck, many were stunned by the luxury offering.

The Pirelli 50 gets its blistering top speed of 50 knots thanks to two 600 horsepower engines | Source: TechnoRib

Bringing a bit of automotive class and sophistication to the Perth Boat Show, a white boat Ferrari The SF90 “Stradale” was on loan from Barbagallo Motors. The sleek V8 hybrid drew loving glances and audible gasps from many in attendance.

White Ferrari SF90
A white Ferrari SF90 was on display at the Perth Boat Show | Source: Car and driver

Perth Boat Show director Peter Woods discussed the continuing effects of supply issues, but said he was confident more Australians will be launching boats and enjoying the waterways and beautiful coastline of Perth very soon. WA.

The challenges now are sourcing but I think we’re close to overcoming that and I think over the next 12 months you’re going to see more and more people boating because they love it .

Peter Woods, Perth Boat Show Manager

Woods said the pandemic had had a huge effect on the number of West Australians interested in boating, as it allowed many to develop their skills and gain the confidence to explore further. the vast state.

Boating at Rottnest Island
The turquoise waters of Rottnest are a favorite of many Western Australian boating enthusiasts | Source: Seastar Boat Rentals

Speaking about the potential for West Australians to engage in quiet and less environmentally damaging electric boating, Ross Turner, Managing Director of yachts and The Multihull Group discussed how electric boat technology is rapidly catching up, especially battery technology.

We have now reached the point where, on a round range of [electric] boats they are capable of 40/50 knots and they can have ranges of up to 250/300 kilometers if you are happy to sail at a gentler speed of five or six knots.

Ross Turner, Managing Director, Eyachts and TMG

Ross told us about the popularity of the Finnish brand Axopar of Eyachts and discussed the needs of European and Australian boat owners, who he says are quite similar, despite the different waters and environments in which they operate.

Turner described the range of benefits of buying and using a multi-hull boat such as a catamaran or trimaran, including space, stability, and volume. He said multihulls are also much more efficient than monohulls due to their increased buoyancy.

The WA Boating Industry Association is one of the main organizations behind the Perth Boat Show and a powerful industry body promoting and educating the public about boating in Western Australia.

President Sheryl Swarbrick spoke with Iolande Skinner of From The Deck at the Perth Boat Show and highlighted the importance of boating to Western Australia’s economy.

A charter boat, if you’re out there and you’ve caught a fish, it pays off [into the economy] something like AU$480 per fish. It’s a billion dollar industry here. If you take into account all your big boat builders, Austals and things like that, I think it’s the second biggest industry in WA.

Heryl Swarbrick, President, Boating Industry Association of WA

Fish finders are very useful for recreational fishing | Source: Wired2fish

She said exhibitors expected great business at this year’s show and predicted that the show’s advanced electronic equipment would be very popular. The WA market is hungry for gear that could make their lives easier and allow them to get the most out of their time on the water.

Malibu Boats‘ Jay Sloot spoke to From the Deck about the massive popularity of wakeboarding in WA and the benefits of owning a wakesetter boat.

He reminded us that wakesurfing and wakeboarding sessions are great family outings and that Malibu Boats is designed with that in mind with innovations like the power wedge and surf gauge helping the brand stand out from its competition. .

Malibu’s growth also depends on the success of dealers, the factory support network and loyalty to our customers. Thus, Malibu’s growth has been phenomenal over the years and continues to get bigger every year.

Jay Sloot, General Manager of Malibu Boats WA

Boat show season is well and truly upon us and currently the biggest and most expensive superyachts are heading from all over the world to Monaco for the most prestigious marine exhibition on the planet. More than A$4.3 billion worth of superyachts, speedboats and sailing yachts will be on display in the prestigious French principality in September.

Market Herald’s From The Deck will be in Port Hercule to report on the latest happenings and chat with the best in the business about what to expect in the glamorous world of superyachts.

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