HumpyBong Yacht Club WinterBash 2022 attracts large fleet

HumpyBong Yacht Club WinterBash 2022 attracts large fleet

by Mark Dawson Aug 10 20:44 UTC
July 30-31, 2022

HumpyBong Yacht Club WinterBash 2022 © Mark Dawson

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The seventh annual WinterBash regatta off the beach at Woody Point, Brisbane, attracted its largest fleet.

Humpybong Yacht Club chairman Ryan McLaughlin said sailors from Tasmania to Sydney were named early for the event on Saturday July 30 and Sunday July 31 with a total of 86 boats across all divisions.

“We had an incredible number of F16s, F18s, Class A, Nacra, Taipan, C2, Tornado, Hobie and Wetas and a good fleet of dinghies from Laser, 125, Impulse, 505 and other classes.

The weather was mixed over the two days with pleasant conditions on day 1 and overcast skies on day 2. Nevertheless, the sight of boats rushing to the start and then heading south into their divisions, including the juniors to the first mark among the intermittent showers, was the most spectacular. sight seen at Bramble Bay this year.

The high level of competition on the water was evident in all three races with four division starts sending the multihulls first followed by the dinghy classes.

The marathon, which took place in partly cloudy and sunny conditions on Sunday, took sailors from Woody Point south to Shorncliffe, then all the way north to Newport and back to the Woody Point finish. The winds were steady at first, abating in the early afternoon which threw up numerous craft at various intervals.

Congratulation to:

Division 1
1st James Fraser and Olivia Jozefowski Nacra 5.8NA 1702
2nd Darren Flanagan and Quentin Cook F18 509
3rd Eli Henebery and Andreas Rehberger F18 33

Division 2
1st Roscoe Guinea Nacra 4.5 664
2nd House Stuart Nacra 4.5 601
3rd Nigel Lawrence Nacra 4.5 635

Division 4
1st Thomas Young Competitor 2517
2nd Peter Listrup and Virginia Ayliffe Tasar 2532
3rd Competitor Ian Bowman 2136

Division 5
1st Luke Johnson and Chris Mann 125 3217
2nd Gary Bellamy Pulse 658
3rd Andrew Ringwood ILCA7 194923

Marathon Trophy – Fastest average speed on the yardstick course
Luke Johnson and Chris Mann 125 3217

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