Huski and M CON take pole position for the Great Lakes Play Tradez Grand Prix

At the height of Class 1 offshore racing, teams competed for pole position points as well as overall victory points for the entire season. This year, the concept was revived by P1 Offshore at the Sarasota Grand Prix on the July 4 weekend and carried over to the Play Tradez Offshore Grand Prix, the fifth leg of the American’s 2022 offshore powerboat racing season. Power Boat Association (APBA).

In the second race which saw the qualifying pole position for Class 1 boats and the first for Super Cat, there was one thing that all competitors agreed on. 2022 Sarasota Powerboat Grand Prix photos by Pete Boden copyright Shoot 2 Thrill Pix.

“I think it’s really good,” said Grant Bruggemann, accelerator for the Pro Floors Racing team in Super Cat. “It allows the best prepared team to have pole position. It sorts us out and puts the right boats in the right place.

The first were the four Class 1 boats, which consist of 42- to 47-foot catamarans powered by two 1,100-hp Mercury Racing turbocharged engines, with the sole exception of MTI’s 42-foot V-16 engines. catamaran, JBS-Racing.

When the teams took to the course, the 47-foot Victory, Chocolate Huskyalong with throttle Steve Curtis and pilot Travis Pastrana, dropped the gauntlet, taking a slightly wider line to try and maintain engine rpm and boat speed over the four-mile course.

The Class 1 Huski Chocolate team of Steve Curtis and Travis Pastrana will have the inside lane tomorrow at the Great Lakes Grand Prix.

When all was said and done, Chocolate Huskytook pole position with sister ship 222 Off Australia in lane two, followed by the new-to-class MTI cat, GBX Racesin lane three and JBS Racing in lane four.

After the team raced their qualifying rounds, Pastrana wasn’t sure who was the fastest, saying, “It’s hard to say, the 222 the boat took the inside and we swept and kept more speed.

Asked what it was like to compare qualifying for motor racing in rally or stock cars, Pastrana said: “The times are really close,” he said. “With Rally and the shorter track, the whole peloton is separated by fractions of a second.

“It’s no less difficult at sea, but you can make mistakes and have a decent time,” he continued, noting that he and Curtis have a give-and-take approach, each providing insight into what’s going on. makes the boat operate at its most competitive speed. “I give him my input and he gives me his, which is much more specific.”

Michigan City’s Play Tradez Grand Prix is ​​the first race to see the Super Cat class use qualifying instead of drawing cards or points to determine lane position for tomorrow’s race and all seven teams appear to be in favor of the concept.

The first team to hit the course was owner/throttle Tyler Miller and rider Myrick Coil in the 38-foot skater, CON Mand the team set the number of chases for everyone else, with a best time of 2:11:44 over the four-mile course.

Next is the 39ft MTI, Pro-Floors with owner/driver Wayne Valder and throttle Jay Bruggemann, followed by owner/driver Billy Mauff and throttle Jay Muller in the 38-foot skater, WHM Motorsportsso these three teams will form lanes one through three.

The 38 foot skater, Graydel, who won the season opener in Cocoa Beach, Fla., had intercom issues that prevented onboard throttle crew Billy Moore and owner/driver Chris Grant from testing as many props as they would have liked. For qualifying, the team chose to take the opportunity to test a set of propellers instead of going all out for pole, so they will start from lane four tomorrow.

The newest entry to the Super Cat fleet, the GBX Racing MTI catamaran will take the deserved lane #3 for tomorrow’s contest.

The 39ft Outerlimits cat, Offshore racing SVwill start in lane five with the Muller brothers, Chase and Jax and their 40-foot movement, Nasty, taking lane six. The Skater 388, Liquor Split, had to scratch.

The Super Cat competitors have all said they are eager to start the race tomorrow and would like qualifying for pole position to continue.

“It’s great because then we know where we are with the settings,” said Vinnie Diorio, throttle for the SV Offshore Racing team.

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