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I raced offshore and succeeded with a lot of people, I think of Forest Barber, who didn’t have a lot of offshore racing experience when he started out. But racing with Taylor Scism in the new Factory Stock 450R class of catamarans this season is the first time I’ve shared the cockpit with a real rookie. It’s also my first time running with a woman, and it makes absolutely no difference.

Listening, learning and application, combined with endless enthusiasm, make Taylor Scism a great offshore racing recruit. Photo by Pete Boden copyright Shoot 2 Thrill Pix.

Taylor is doing well as a pilot. Not only is she a fast learner, but I don’t think I’ve ever run with someone so excited and motivated to compete. And she already had more time sitting in

its MTI 390X cat with Mercury Racing 450R outboards than you might think. Before the season, she came to test with me in Miami.

From there we spent a full day on a course we had set up at Lake X, the famous Mercury Racing test facility in St. Cloud, Florida. So far, Taylor has done three races with me and one with Shaun Torrente. Looking at the rest of the 2021 offshore racing schedule, Taylor and I will be sharing the cockpit of TS Motorsports MTI at more than four events in Florida: Clearwater, Fort Myers Beach, Key West and Englewood Beach.

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