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While college dinghy sailing in the United States remains some of the best sailing that can happen for this age group, it has been affected by the craze that affects all sports.

The singular focus on age-based drifting events during adolescence, to the exclusion of everything else, has led to limited skills and burnout. Then marine students who choose schools based on team programs and not educational interests are a little crazy too, especially when the massive tuition fees aren’t offset by scholarships.

Parents are just as much the problem, a reality well exposed in the massive college admissions bribery scandal of 2019. And the focus on college education comes with the exclusion of extracurricular activities. Winning is everything.

But the hope is in the handful of college keelboat events that provide an opportunity for students who may not have embraced the High School Sailing program to step out of the library and represent their schools on the playing field. Just sailors sailing.

September 23-25 ​​will be the 2022 Great Lakes Intercollegiate Regatta at the Chicago Columbia Yacht Club in Chicago, IL. Supported by the Storm Trysail Club, GLIOR is an annual fall regatta that provides collegiate sailors the opportunity to experience offshore keelboat racing.

As in the past, members of the Chicago T10 and Chicago J105 fleet provide the sailboats and are on board during the races as a safety measure; collegiate sailors drive, equip the boat and manage strategy and tactics; Chicago-area yacht clubs provide facilities, and fleets provide financial support, participant gifts, and awards.

Teams arrive on Friday and have the opportunity to practice on their assigned boats that afternoon. The regatta consists of windward/leeward buoy races on Lake Michigan with as much as possible all day on Saturday and Sunday mornings. The award ceremonies take place on Sunday during lunch and the teams have the afternoon to return to campus.

The list of 2022 participants includes the following: University of South Carolina, University of Rhode Island, United States Naval Academy, Dalhousie University, University of California San Diego, Michigan Technological University, Ohio State University, Indiana University, Purdue University, Cleveland State University, University of Illinois, University of Michigan, University of Toledo, The All Womens Team: GVSU, Hope and St Mary’s, University of Wisconsin, University of Wisconsin Women’s, University of Miami, University of Notre Dame, Marquette University , Queens University (of Canada) and the State of Michigan.

Details: https://stormtrysail.org/races/glior/

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