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The oceanic sport salmon season ended on Sunday as it started 34 days ago – quietly. Beautiful kings had been captured the week before off Eureka, leading us to believe that the season could potentially end on a high note. Does not occur. So now it’s rockfish only in the KMZ (Klamath Management Area). However, if you’re still craving salmon, Shelter Cove is a really good option right now. While it has slowed down a bit this week, it’s still your best bet yet. “The fishing pressure got pretty intense and it definitely slowed down the bite,” said Jake Mitchell of Sea Hawk Sport Fishing. “The best bite was between the launch and the bell buoy in 10 to 30 feet of water. There was a lot of bait in the area, mainly anchovies, herring and a few small needle fish. about one fish per rod on average with a few random limits mixed in. The fish are a good size, with quite a few scales well over 30 pounds. “The sport salmon season out of Shelter Cove will run until the 31st. October.

Weekend marine forecast

Gusts of northerly winds will start to pick up as the weekend approaches. Friday’s forecast calls for winds of 5 to 15 knots northerly and westerly waves of 5 feet to 10 seconds. Saturday announces northerly winds of 5 to 15 knots and northerly waves of 5 feet to six seconds. Sunday’s forecast is similar, with northerly winds of 5 to 15 knots and northwest waves of 6 feet to seven seconds. These conditions can and will change by the weekend. For up-to-date weather forecasts, visit or To monitor the latest Humboldt bar conditions, visit You can also call the National Weather Service at 443-7062 or the Woodley Island office at 443-6484.

Junior angler fishing day

This Saturday August 7, a day of junior angling will take place at Freshwater Lagoon Beach for anglers 16 and under. Fishing equipment on loan is available for those who need it (available on a first come, first served basis). Get a Junior Angler program / booklet with which kids can earn a fishing badge, free stickers and other goodies. Limited to 40 participants who must be accompanied by an adult. Registration is compulsory. Call 465-7762 or send an email to [email protected]

Tuna update

The first tuna of the season was caught Monday at Shelter Cove. A single boat traveled 50 to 55 miles towards the Gorda Valley and carried three albacore. Currently, the best conditions are off Crescent City, where the warm water is within 45 miles on Wednesday. All it will take is calm time to get the boats going.


The oceans:


With the sport salmon season now over, all attention will turn to the Cape Mendocino redfish. According to Tim Klassen of Reel Steel Sport Fishing, the bite has been excellent this week. “Black rockfish are like piranhas and are very aggressive biters,” Klassen said. “They are also a good size; we see a lot of 5 to 6 pounds. The lingcod bite was also good, and we’re able to hit or near limits most of the time. The weather is looking good at least until Thursday before the wind picks up. “


“Trinidad redfish remains a limit style fishery,” said Curt Wilson of Wind Rose Charters. “The weather over the past few days has allowed us to venture out to Reading Rock where the fishing is exceptional,” said Wilson. “The lingcod has really taken hold at the Rock and we’re getting limits pretty quickly with fish up to 30 lbs. Closer to home the black rockfish bite is still wide open between Head and Patrick’s Point. A bunch of big canary rockfish also appeared. “

Crescent City

According to Britt Carson of Anglund Marine of Crescent City, the redfish bite is still wide open. He said: “The Sisters and the South Reef continue to provide limits. The California halibut bite was decent this week and a good number of them are caught daily off South Beach by trollers and anglers throwing jigs on the rocks. “


After weeks of slow fishing, action improved for Pacific halibut and salmon out of Brookings over the weekend, mainly due to reports of calmer weather conditions Andy Martin of Brookings Fishing Charters. for halibut and salmon. Kings are fished in 250 feet of water straight from the harbor. Halibut are within 180 to 200 feet. Several boats caught several fish on Saturday, Sunday and Monday when they returned from the water at sea. The action remains good for redfish and lingcod fair. A few boats are preparing to go in search of tuna with good forecasts for Friday.

The rivers:

Lower Klamath

Fishing in the estuary remains inconsistent and the bite varies from tide to tide and day to day. A handful of adult kings as well as a few jacks are caught daily. This will likely be so until we see the first big surge of fall salmon entering the river. Spring run regulations are in effect until August 14, with a daily bag and possession limit for any size salmon.

Lesser thief

Rogue Bay fished well over the weekend, with a fish or two for many boats according to Martin. “The size of the salmon is impressive, at a handful of 30 pounds a day. Lots of jacks have also arrived. Good tides this week could lead to even better action,” Martin added.

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