Lake Champlain Poker Run flirts with greatness


Based in Burlington, Vermont, the Lake Champlain Poker Run will never be one of those bright, wild and rowdy 150 boat events. Organizers Nicole Carlson, Brian Hoar, Chris Fisher and David Wulfson don’t want that, and the good people of Burlington absoutely don’t want that. In this way, the Lake Champlain event, which celebrated its third anniversary this weekend, looks like the 18-year-old Boyne Thunder Poker Run of northern Michigan when it was in its infancy.

Ken and Renee Lalonde’s new DCB Performance Boats M37R catamaran was perfect yesterday on Lake Champlain. Photos by Tim Sharkey copyright Sharkey Images.

But if you’re looking for a hidden gem of a laid-back late summer that takes place in pristine surroundings, the Lake Champlain Poker Run is the place to be. this.

In 2019, the first Lake Champlain Poker Run attracted 25 boats. About fifty boats took part in the following year. This time around, 75 captains and their guests have signed up to tackle the race, which started yesterday morning at Burlington Harbor Marina and ended for lunch at the Freaky Tiki Bar and Grill at Mooney Bay Marina in Pittsburg. , NY, where participants received their final two cards.

The good times were during the Lake Champlain Poker Run yesterday.

“If last year was a home run, this year was a grand slam,” Fisher said.

Fisher had excellent reasons for his pride and enthusiasm, starting with the pristine weather that defied forecasts earlier this week. But above all, the 100+ mile race, which headed south on Lake Champlain for two floating map stops before heading north to Canada for another stop before lunch, s ‘took place without incident. A few boats had mechanical problems, but that’s it.

Second, the event was hosted this year by a charity, Vermont-based Camp Ta-Kum-Ta, a nonprofit serving children with cancer, and raised at least $ 30,000. for the outfit.

Check out more images from the third edition of the Lake Champlain Poker Run in the slideshow above.

“This is what we guarantee at Camp-Ta-Kum-Ta after spending,” Hoar told the group at the awards ceremony after the poker hands were played. ” It’s the minimum. It could end up being more.

Organizers plan to raise even more money next year through the race. But here’s what there won’t be much more: poker-run boats on the water.

He’s a good size right now.

“This race, this region and most of all these people are amazing,” said Devin Wozencraft, a second Lake Champlain Poker Run player who came from Southern California to manage his 30 foot high performance marine insurance. Skater Powerboats catamaran badged agency during the event. “It’s perfect.”

For sophomore Devin Wozencraft, next year’s Lake Champlain Poker Run is a lock.

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