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The hostess explained that most of her luxury yacht customers are Russian millionaires who rent the boats to enjoy their glamorous summer vacations. But what do yacht passengers look like?

The flight attendant, who earns a base salary of ‘between £2,500 and £24,000 a month’ and ‘huge tips’ – ‘minimum £2,500 just on tips a week’ – shared this that the guests usually are.

She claimed that “Russian clients do not have a good reputation in the yacht industry”.

“The good thing is that if the crew knows they will have a Russian charter, we already know how to behave, what kind of service they will want, we know more or less how they are.”

Speaking of guests she’s worked with, the crew member said “they can be very unpredictable and ask for the weirdest things.”

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She suggested: “They’re ‘new rich’ so they’re very demanding and not very polite.

“When we are told that the Russians are coming on board, [some crew] don’t get as excited as when we have Americans, for example. Russians are very special.

“If we know that a Russian or American client is coming for a few days or a few weeks, we know that they will definitely want to organize theme parties. They will want to have fun and have an incredible time.

“With [some] Russians, we prepare in advance because they work hard,” she said.


However, she said in terms of behaviors, it can depend “a lot on their nationality”.

The team member explained, “I had customers from Copenhagen who were lovely. You can also tell the difference from those who have new money. They are much more humble.”

Speaking of different nationalities, she added: “When [guests] are Americans, it’s crazier but fun.

“Scandinavians are just lovely. Americans give you loads of tips.”

The luxury flight attendant has admitted that the Ukrainian conflict affects her work because most of her customers are Russians.

She explained: “The big yachts, the private ones, the majority are Russian oligarchs.”

The crew member claimed that due to the current situation, the owners were firing the crew without notice and “not handling the situation properly”.

“Of course, the lack of Russian customers for luxury yacht charter is going to affect the industry because most of our customers are Russians – Russian oligarchs, very wealthy Russians who rent the yacht for a few days – as long as the things are not going to improve, the demand on charters will decrease.”

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