Man kills neighbor, cooks his heart with potatoes and feeds him to his family before clubbing 3 other people


Police reached the deceased’s home after being informed and saw his body (Representative image). | Photo credit: iStock images


  • Oklahoma man allegedly murdered neighbor and cooked her heart before killing uncle and granddaughter
  • The man was taken to court on Tuesday and pleaded he did not want bail

Oklahoma: A repeat offender allegedly murdered his neighbor, cooked his heart with potatoes and gave it to his family before murdering three other members of his family. The 42-year-old allegedly stabbed his neighbor to death at his residence in Chickasha, Oklahoma on February 9.

The accused has been identified as Lawrence Paul Anderson. After murdering his neighbor Andrea Lynn Blankenship, the accused returned home and killed his uncle and granddaughter.

Accused aunt stabbed in both eyes

Police arrived at the deceased’s home after being informed and saw his body. As the 67-year-old died, the child – Kaeos Yates – was injured. However, she breathed her last on the way to the hospital. The accused also stabbed his Aunt Delsie Pye in both eyes. The woman, however, survived.

The accused gave heart to his family “free the demons”

During his interrogation, Anderson revealed that he cooked his neighbor’s heart with potatoes and gave it to his family because he wanted to “free the demons”. According to Oklahoman, the man was released from prison in January this year.

He was sentenced to 20 years for gun and drug offenses in 2017. The sentence was commuted to 9 years by Governor Kevin Stitt on the recommendation of the Oklahoma Pardons and Parole Board . The man was paroled last month and lived with his uncle and aunt.

“I don’t want a deposit”

Grady County District Attorney Jason Hicks charged Anderson with three counts of first degree murder and two counts of assault with a fatal weapon and dismemberment on Tuesday. Anderson broke down in court Tuesday and said, “I don’t want a bond, Your Honor. I don’t want a bond.” According to Hicks, the death penalty for Anderson is “on the table.”

Blankenship’s body was reportedly discovered two days after cops found Yates and his uncle. In the search warrant request, it was mentioned that the investigators wished to recover the utensils used for the kitchen by the accused. Efforts are also being made to determine whether the accused was under the influence of drugs when he murdered the victims.

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