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Published on June 8, 2021

Mike Butterfield (GBR), lawyer, sailor and innovator, passed away peacefully at home on May 13. He was 89 years old.

Mike was enthusiastic about everything he did and seemed to have endless energy and time for everything he loved. He was a pioneer and adventurer of the multihull, and his exploits inspired many to join the multihull fraternity.

Sailing, and the multihull in particular, has been something that has fascinated him throughout his life, and never seemed to tire of innovation and frequently improved in his quest for performance and adventure.

He completed the Observer Singlehanded Transatlantic Race 1964 in a 30ft catamaran, later continuing the Round Britain and Ireland and Fastnet races with as many Multihull Offshore Cruising and Racing Association (MOCRA) events as he could organize around professional and family commitments.

He was instrumental in the development of MOCRA and, in the 1980s and 1990s, was a ubiquitous member of the committee. He was a former commodore and ultimately he was the president. Many former committee members will remember attending meetings in his London Barrister Chambers, moving legal documents, finding a seat and wondering how many cases a successful lawyer needs!

Mike’s generosity of spirit extended to everyone he met, whether it was gathering ideas, encouraging people to participate, catching up on the sail; you would see that gleam in his eyes and a clever plan was developing in his capable brain! Mike shared his pleasure of sailing with many and always encouraged people to join him on his afloat adventures.

He will be missed as one of the pioneers in the development of fast cruising multihulls and for having inspired many people to practice the sport. We wish him many more adventures where the sea will be flat and the wind will cross!

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