Ministry of Transport removes 807 charter companies from eNautika system


October 23, 2021 – Just as we thought we were sure to talk about the excellent tourist season we have had this summer, with the boom in the Croatian nautical tourism sector, the Ministry of Transport has cut over 800 charter companies of the eNautika system.

As Novac / Jutarnji / Jozo Vrdoljak writes, the Ministry of Maritime Affairs, Transport and Infrastructure removed 807 charter companies from the eNautika system, explaining this decision by claiming that they were companies registered as companies. charter and for which a check at the commercial and court register established that they were no longer active.

According to the relevant ministry, most of the deactivated charter companies have not been active for many years, and only eight of them were active at any time in 2021. Most of the old companies which have now been withdrawn from the system Croatian eNautika, according to the court register, have been the subject of bankruptcy proceedings or have been written off for some other reason, and the transactions have mostly been written off, according to the response since received from the Ministry of Transport.

At present, a total of 1937 charter companies are registered in the eNautika system, of which 766 were active during this year. These companies rent or provide accommodation services on a total of 3,059 Croatian-flagged boats and 697 yachts and on 263 foreign-flagged boats and 406 yachts.

Although the dominant assessment is that this nautical season has been excellent, the total number is lower than it was before the 2019 pandemic. As of October 15 of this year, a total of 463,395 guest arrivals have been recorded. , 20% less than in 2019, when Croatia had 572,877 guests. These data include yachts with a permanent crew and small boats engaged in multi-day cruises.

There are two main reasons for this, says the Ministry of Maritime Affairs. The first is a weak preseason, which was almost non-existent. Namely, on May 30 there were 45,500 guests, almost half the number of just two years ago. Another reason is the lack of guests from overseas destinations, or even elsewhere in Europe, such as the UK.

The drop in the number of guests from Australia and New Zealand, who have come in negligible numbers anyway, has been particularly pronounced. There was a drop of 96% or, in number, 30,000 fewer guests from Australia and New Zealand. About 25,000 fewer guests were from the UK and 10,000 fewer guests from the US than in 2019. In contrast, the biggest winners this boating season are the rental companies that rent yachts and boats without pilot. The so-called “bareboat charter” is a segment of nautical tourism in which Croatia is the most important destination in the world and in this part of the season it continues, “they explained from the aforementioned ministry.

Pasko Klisovic, president of the Association of Boat Accommodation Providers – Charter of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce, said that as of October 15, there was a 20% drop in boat arrivals compared to the pre-pandemic year of 2019.

The drop in charters this season, in addition to the poor preseason, has certainly been affected by the drop in the number of charter vessels. It is evident that there are fewer vessels available for charter than in the years leading up to the pandemic. Our well-functioning company, the Pina i Mare Nautical Center, has had eight percent fewer vessels in the fleet this year. Charter companies sold part of their fleets, and those who intended to increase their fleet in 2019 ended up not doing so. Granted, there are a few new vessels chartered this year that were due to be delivered last year, but we cannot view this as an expected increase. I’m worried that there won’t be any serious increases in the fleet next year either, as shipbuilders are also struggling due to the lack of equipment, ” Pasko Klisovic concluded.

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