National Yacht Club Stages Match Racing Clinics at Elliott 6m Keelboats at Dun Laoghaire Harbor

About match racing

A match race is a race between two competitors competing against each other.

In yacht racing, it is differentiated from a fleet race, which almost always involves three or more competitors competing against each other, and team races where teams of 2, 3 or 4 boats compete against each other. race together in a team race, with their results combined. .

A match race consists of two identical boats racing against each other. With efficient boat handling and clever use of wind and currents, a trailing boat can escape the leader’s grasp and pass. The leader uses blocking techniques to hold back the other boat. This head-to-head duel is a game of strategy and tactics.

About the World Match Racing Tour

Founded in 2000, the World Match Racing Tour (WMRT) promotes the sport of match racing worldwide and is the longest running global professional series in the sport of sailing. The WMRT is awarded ‘Special Event’ status by the sport’s global governing body – World Sailing – and the winner of the WMRT each year is crowned World Sailing Match Racing World Champion. Previous champions include Sir Ben Ainslie (GBR), Taylor Canfield (USA), Peter Gilmour (AUS), Magnus Holmberg (SWE), Peter Holmberg (ISV), Adam Minoprio (NZL), Torvar Mirsky (AUS), Bertrand Pace ( FRA ), Jesper Radich (DEN), Phil Robertson (NZL) and Ian Williams (GBR). Since 2000, the World Match Racing Tour and its events have awarded more than $23 million in prize money to sailors, which has contributed to the careers of many of today’s professional sailors.

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