Neocean’s Overboat F combines a catamaran with a jet bike and a hydrofoil – Robb Report

Neocean wanted to see what happens when you combine a catamaran with a jet bike. The answer sounds like a lot of fun.

The French company recently launched a series of electric watercraft called Overboat F, according to New Atlas. The unique vehicle, available in two sizes, has an electric drive and three hydrofoils that allow it to accelerate effortlessly over the water in silence.

The Overboat F is essentially a jet bike on a catamaran-like base. It has two poly-fiberglass hulls that are joined by a central seating area that seats one or two depending on whether you’re riding the 100F or the 150F. The two hulls are each topped with a sea floor and can be used as a mini-deck or bathing platform when parked. Meanwhile, the seating area is equipped with an electric steering wheel with digital display, a comfortable saddle and a hidden storage space for storing equipment.

The watercraft is propelled by three retractable foils – two positioned at the front, the other at the rear – and an electric propeller. When you’re ready to ride the Overboard F, you push the foils down, turn on the propeller and launch forward, which forces the hulls out of the water. The propeller is powered by a 10 kW, 50 volt electric motor. Neocean says the Overboat F has a top speed of 20 knots (about 23 mph) and a cruising speed of 15 knots (17 mph). A traditional jet bike may be twice as fast, but it also emits carbon emissions and makes a lot of noise, two things that cannot be said about the Overboat F.

The watercraft’s motor is powered by a 10 kWh battery that will allow you to run the vehicle for up to two hours at a time, according to the brand’s website. That should be enough for most days, but if you want to keep going, you can fully charge the battery in under two hours.

The Overboat 150F has enough room for two


Looking for something unique to ride the next time you hit the lake or river? Neocean is now taking orders for the Overboat F. You’ll need to contact the company through its website for pricing, though New Atlas reports the top-end 150F will set you back $35,900.

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