New signing charter from Natrona Outdoor Rec Collaborative on Wednesday; the group can help fund projects in the Casper area

View of Casper Mountain from behind a knoll in the Rimrock Historic and Recreational Area. (Brendan LaChance, Oil City)

CASPER, Wyo. — Members of the new Natrona County Outdoor Recreation Collaborative are preparing to sign a charter at their next meeting to be held from 5-7 p.m. Wednesday, June 8 at the Tate Pumphouse, 1775 W. First St. at Casper.

The meeting will be the third for the group that was formed to help support more outdoor recreation opportunities in the Casper area, according to Amy Crawford, outdoor recreation coordinator at the Wyoming Office of Outdoor Recreation who helps the new group to organize, Thursday said.

The collaborative will meet every two months and, after signing the charter, will begin to think about the projects in which it wishes to get involved. The types of opportunities the group will look to support include things like trails, boat ramps, or “any type of outdoor recreation opportunity,” Crawford said.

The collaborative has a steering committee made up of the following people:

  • Jason DeWitt, Casper Chamber of Commerce
  • Michael Brown, Natrona Co Parks-Road & Bridge
  • Steve Horn, Wyoming State Parks
  • Zulima Lopez, City of Casper Parks and Recreation
  • Erik Aune, North Platte Lodge/Reef Fly Shop
  • Angela Emery, Platte River Trails

The collaboration will access money through the Wyoming Bureau of Outdoor Recreation, including American Rescue Plan Act dollars that the bureau administers, according to Crawford. The group will have the opportunity to consider supporting the efforts of other organizations. The Central Wyoming Trails Alliance, for example, should present to the collaboration at its next meeting the possibility that the collaboration could help connect CASW to funding, Crawford said.

The Natrona County Outdoor Recreation Collaborative is the state’s seventh outdoor collaboration. Other collaborations in Wyoming are helping with projects such as widening a trail near Newcastle, adding a boat launch outside of Powell, creating a ” Blue Lane,” which is a water trail, in the Big Horn Basin or the addition of signage in Sweetwater County.

People who want to get involved and contribute are encouraged to attend collaborative meetings, according to Crawford.

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