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The East Coast of the United States has a long history of elite sailing competitions, and no organization is more rooted in this tradition than the New York Yacht Club. From late May to early October each year, the NYYC hosts a comprehensive program of regatta activities, featuring races for a wide range of classic and modern yachts. The busy schedule includes a mix of historic and newly added events, the oldest being the Annual Regatta, now in its 167e year.

A true icon of American history, the New York Yacht Club was founded by the eminent city dweller John Cox Stevens in 1844 with one simple goal in mind: to race sailboats. The idea to form NYYC arose during an outing on Stevens’ yacht “Gimcrack” in New York Harbor with eight of his closest friends. Within three days, Stevens was named a commodore and announced the launch of a yacht club cruise in Newport, Rhode Island. Here began the historical link between these two cities and a legacy of New York sailing. In 1845 their first clubhouse, Harbor Court, was built near the Hudson River, with the opening followed by the club’s first regatta. The inaugural competition saw nine classic sailboats entered and has since evolved into the traditional ‘annual regatta’.

Stevens, along with other members, purchased the classic sailing schooner “America” ​​and in 1851 won the Hundred Guinea Cup from the Royal Yacht Squadron in the United Kingdom. After receiving the trophy at NYYC in 1857, they renamed it America’s Cup. Defending the title some 24 times, the team were not defeated until 1983 by the Royal Yacht Club. The rest, as they say, is history.

As one of the most elite social clubs in New York City, NYYC membership is very exclusive and by invitation only for New York sailing VIP. In early June, at the start of Rhode Island’s sailing season, the annual NYYC Regatta – North America’s oldest regular sailing competition – is the place where tradition meets adventure. The regatta offers competitions in several classes, including the one-design, and is a must-see for a variety of classic sailboats and multihulls. A familiar three-day format traces the race around the island on Friday, then two consecutive days of buoy racing or boating racing over the weekend. A combination of tactical acumen, thrilling action and team spirit makes this a spectacular sporting event.

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To be part of this New York sailing extravagance, take the sea by yourself classic sailboat or motor yacht as part of the bustling spectator scene – there is no better way to see such a huge competition than from the water itself. Just one reason to consider a wide selection of luxury yachts for sale, yacht ownership offers the opportunity to turn your racing dreams into reality.

With their elegant appearance and impressive performance, sailboats embody traditional craftsmanship, with the wind in your hair and the sun in your face. As the New York Yacht Club demonstrates so well, buying a sailboat means joining the global “sailing family”, with the opportunity to attend regattas and other traditional yachting events. From sloops to schooners, the ultimate feeling of peace and privacy is an added benefit, and often a shallow draft allows access to distant bays, providing an enhanced close-up experience. Elegant classic sailboats evoke romantic images of traditional yachtsmanship, providing a wonderfully liberating experience.

Image credit: New York Yacht Club (NYYC)

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