Do you want to apply for cash in our company? It is worth finding out what her clients say about this company. Such experiences of other borrowers can facilitate making decisions. We invite you to read the article, which was based on the actual opinions of our customers of the Installment Loan. Find out if it is worth lending in this company and what weaker parties to watch out for.

When is it worth to apply for cash in our company?

Our loan is a great solution for people who need more cash for a longer period, and which the bank refused to grant credit. The company has less restrictive conditions, and you can apply for cash from PLN 1000 to even PLN 10,000. It will be spread into convenient installments – from 10 to 24 months. What is important – the borrower can decide for himself how much and for what time he wants to borrow. All you need is positive creditworthiness and no negative entries in the credit databases and debtors’ registries.

Both very young (after the age of 20) and seniors (up to 80) can take advantage of the Installment Loan, in order to be approved for a loan, you must be able to prove current employment . All you need to do is have a solid source of income – then the chances of getting cash are really very big.

Thirdly – the Installment Loan gives you three ways to collect cash. You can traditionally get money to your account, up to one business day after signing the contract. But there are also two other methods – GIRO check, which allows you to collect cash at the post office (an excellent option for those who want to get a loan or a Blue Cash check, which will give you cash instantly, no matter in which bank you have an account. Everyone can find a convenient, best way to collect borrowed money.

The advantages of borrowing a loan in the company

Each offer has its strengths and weaknesses. A wise decision to borrow cash involves an objective recognition of the proposed financial product. Check whether the Installment Loan will be the most favorable choice. If you think that this list can be expanded, share your experience with us. We are happy to take your comments into account.


  • low lower age limit (20 years),
  • high upper age limit (80 years),
  • high loan granting,
  • quick credit decision,
  • the loan can be spread over 24 favorable installments,
  • there are no hidden costs,
  • the company does not check BIK,
  • broad parameters of the loan (from PLN 1000 to PLN 10,000),
  • three ways of receiving cash.