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Amid a flurry of event cancellations due to the country returning to a red light at 11.59pm on Sunday, Auckland Ports Anniversary Day Regatta has announced that the regatta will continue the week next on Auckland’s birthday, Monday 31 January. 2022.

The regatta which first took place in 1840, making it one of the oldest events in New Zealand sporting history, has only been canceled once before. It was in 1900, when the war in South Africa put an end to the event. This year marks the 182nd edition of the regatta, which even predates the America’s Cup by 11 years.

Organizers say the Ports of Auckland Anniversary Day Regatta differs from many that have announced cancellations in the past 24 hours, as there is no central location for participants to congregate. Instead, the regatta takes place at venues around Auckland, with several smaller fleets at several outdoor venues, or participants simply go out to race, without needing to congregate at one location.

The tug race and display is always a spectator favorite. Image credit: Lissa Photograph

This means that the regatta can still take place within the guidelines of the Covid-19 protection framework. The exceptions being the Dragon Boat and Waka Ama fleets who had to withdraw from the regatta this year due to the number of participants, with as many as 400 paddlers expected.

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Tugboats, classic launches and yachts, as well as several modern keelboat divisions, will also race on the Waitemata from Westhaven from 10am.

More than 20 different classes of dinghies and foils will also take part in the regatta on the anniversary day, at six venues around the city. There will be races at Manly, Murray’s Bay, Narrow Neck Beach, Northcote, Tamaki and Takapuna which will also host several foil fleets.

The regatta is a great family day out, whether on the water or ashore watching the race. Image credit: Lissa Photography.

Even miniature radio-controlled yachts will get in on the action, with races taking place in Westhaven and St Mary’s Bay on the anniversary.

Further information and registration instructions can be found on the website at www.regatta.org.nz.

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