Real estate investor turns around for DCB M37R open bow catamaran

If you happen to be on Lake Havasu in Arizona this weekend for the River Dave’s Place All Boats Regatta, you might catch a glimpse of a bright red new DCB Performance Boats M37R Widebody open bow catamaran with twin outboard engines. -board Mercury Racing 450R mounted on Shaun Torrente Racing Supports. The second 37-footer with an open bow from El Cajon, California, the Cat is hull #14 of 31 full-tunnel beauties ordered to date.

David Dginguerian rode his new DCB M37R Widebody yesterday for the first time and he can’t wait to get his family on board. Photos courtesy of Jeff Johnston, copyright DCB Performance Boats

A real estate entrepreneur who lives in Santa Clarita, Calif., with his wife, Amy, and their 13-year-old twins, Levi and Madison, owner David Dginguerian is signed up for the weekend-long RDP event. Although work commitments for his company mean he has to return home after getting “a little more seat time” this morning, Dginguerian, who took delivery of the cat yesterday from DCB’s Tony Chiaramonte and has a second home in Lake Havasu City, will be back October 6-7 for the annual DCB Regatta.

“I’ve been boating Lake Havasu for over 20 years and always wanted a boat like this,” said Dginguerian, 53, whose most recent boat was a 27-foot Ultra Shadow. “Yesterday with Tony, and the boat itself, exceeded my expectations. I’ve never owned a boat with a real tunnel, and I love it.

Enjoy more images of the 37ft in the slideshow above.

Dginguerian had originally set his sights on a DCB open-bow 35ft, but company president Jeff Johnston encouraged him to consider an M37R. Taking inspiration from his friend Mauricio Vivanco, who owns an open-bow DCB M44 Widebody catamaran with an open-front seating area, Dginguerian pulled the trigger on a 37-footer with a similar layout.

“Our kids are with us about 90% of the time,” he said, then laughed. “So I made an executive family decision and ordered the M37R with an open bow.”

“It’s only the second we’re building and we don’t plan on doing much,” Johnston said. “But it came out beautiful, works great and our client loves it. It’s what he wanted and it’s what he got.”

In his first practice session, Chiaramonte rolled the boat, which is heavier up front thanks to a set of speakers and lounges in the dedicated open bow area, at 121 mph. (Unlike the first M37R built with an open bow, Dginguerian’s cat has no hard cover for the forward seating area when not in use.) With 34-inch-pitch Mercury Racing five-blade propellers on the business end of 450R outboards , the lighter, more aerodynamic version completes at 124 mph, according to longtime member of the DCB Company Owners Group.

“We just chose props with a slightly higher rake angle to help support the extra weight up front,” Chiaramonte explained. “I won’t say I was ‘pleasantly surprised’ because I expected it to turn out well, but it turned out really, really well.”

Dginguerian worked closely with Johnston throughout the 20-month construction process and said he enjoyed every minute of it.

“It was so much fun,” he said. “You think, ‘Wow, 20 months is a long time’, but once they start construction, things move quickly. I only visited DCB once during construction, but every department really impressed me. Everyone at DCB does a great job. Everyone there is so patient.

“And working with Jeff Johnston was amazing,” he continued. “If I asked him a question, he responded immediately with a detailed answer.”

In a nod to his business and his immediate loved ones, Dginguerian named the cat Family fins. And he will present it to his family after the DCB Regatta.

“I can’t wait to get them out,” he said.

Family Flipper is the fourteenth M37R Widebody catamaran that DCB has delivered to date.

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